Number 5, 2011

New Approaches to the Study of Material Culture

From the Editors

pp. 3-4

From the Still to a Fleeting Materiality: On the Issues in Ethnographic Study of Material Culture (Interview to N.V. Bogatyr)

pp. 5-19

Material Culture Studies and the Sociology and Anthropology of Technology

pp. 19-29

Contemporary Technoculture through the Prism of Relations between Users and Technologies

pp. 30-39

Ethnography and the Development of Science and Technology Studies

pp. 40-58

Recovery Ritual in the Modern Sociotechnical Drama

pp. 58-74

Ethnic Groups in the Changing Environment

The Adaptation of Albanians in the Ukraine: Historical and Linguistic Aspects

pp. 75-90

The Russians of Moldova: Ethnic-Demographic Transformations

pp. 91-108

The “British Bangladeshi” in Search of Identity

pp. 109-117

Ethnographic Materials and Studies

Paranja in the Traditional Dress of the Bukhara Jews

pp. 118-125

Kazaklyk as a Social Phenomenon

pp. 126-140

Surveys and Research Notes

Housebuilding in the Golden Horde: A Synthesis of Nomadic and Sedentary Traditions

pp. 141-155

“Kora” – Temporary Livestock Corrals in the South-West Region of Kazakhstan

pp. 156-163


Review of Fenomen kukly v traditsionnoi i sovremennoi kulture (Phenomenon of the Doll in the Traditional and Contemporary Culture), by I.A. Morozov. Moscow, 2011

pp. 164-165

Review of Khanty i mansi: vsgliad iz XXI v. (The Khanty and Mansi: A View from the 21st Century), by Z.P. Sokolova. Moscow, 2009

pp. 165-168

Review of Poliaki i finny v rossiiskoi nauke vtoroi poloviny XIX v.: “drugoi” skvoz’prizmu identichnosti (The Poles and Finns in the Russian Scholarship of the Second Half of the 19th Century: The “Other” through the Prism of Identity), by M. V. Leskinen. Moscow, 2010

pp. 168-172

Review of Komi-permiaki i Komi-Permiatskii okrug: Istoriia, demograficheskie i etnicheskie protsessy (The Komi-Permyak and the Komi-Permyak Region: History, Demographic, and Ethnic Processes), by S. Lallukka. St. Petersburg, 2010

pp. 172-175

Review of Etnonatsional ‘naia politika i sovremennye problem natsiestroitel ‘stva v Kitae (EthnicNational Politics and Current Problems of Nation-Building in China), by A.M. Kuznetsov. Vladivostok, 2010

pp. 175-177

Review of Images of the Other in Ethnic Caricatures of Central and Eastern Europe. Warsaw, 2010

pp. 177-181

Review of Kodiak Kreol: Communities of Empire in Early Russian America, by G.A. Miller. Ithaca; London, 2010

pp. 181-183

In memoriam

Vakhtang Mamievich Shamiladze

pp. 184-187

Vera Pavlovna Diakonova

pp. 188-190

On the Journal’s Website in ” EO – Online “

Review of A Year Without “Made in China”: One Family’s True Life Adventure in the Global Economy, by S. Bongiorni. Hoboken, 2007; Where am I Wearing: A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People that Make Our Clothes, by K. Timmerman. Hoboken, 2008