Number 6, 2010

Special Theme of the Issue

Multiethnic Rural Environment of Ural-Povolzhie

(guest editors - A.D. Korostelev, E.A. Yagafova)

Introduction: The Study of Ethnic-Cultural Interaction in Ethnically Mixed Settlements of the Ural-Povolzhie Region

pp. 3-8

Processes of Religious Interaction in Ethnically Mixed Settlements of Ural-Povolzhie: History and Contemporary Trends

pp. 9-22

Interethnic Marriages in Ethnically Mixed Settlements of the Ural Region and Povolzhie (the Data from 2006, 2007, and 2008 Field Expeditions)

pp. 22-34

The Chuvash in the Ethnic Interaction Process in the Kama Region

pp. 35-53

The Tatar in Ethnically Mixed Settlements of Ural-Povolzhie: The Specificity of Cultural Interactions

pp. 54-65

The Udmurt in Ethnically Mixed Settlements of Ural-Povolzhie: An Experience of Neighborhood

pp. 66-80

Religious Factor in the Maintenance of Identity of the East Mari

pp. 81-92

Marriage Rites of the East Mari in the Context of Cultural Interaction in the East Kama Region

pp. 93-98

Ethnographic Mosaics

Changing Men in the Changing World

pp. 99-114

Orientation by Rivers among the Evenki of Siberian South-East: The System of Spatial, Social, and Ritual Orientation

pp. 115-132

Blood Feud in Contemporary Ingushetia

pp. 133-140

Alaska – the Last Frontier of Belovodie?

pp. 141-157

The Don Cossacks: Toward the Issue of “Origins” and Social-Cultural Transformations

pp. 158-174


Review of Histories of Anthropology Annual. Vols. 1-5. Lincoln; London, 2005-2009

pp. 175-179

Review of Korennye malochislennye narody Severa v rossiiskom prave (Indigenous Small-Numbered Peoples of the North in Russian Law), by V.A. Kriazhkov. Moscow, 2010

pp. 179-181

Review of Russkie devushki (Russian Women), by I.I. Shangina. St. Petersburg, 2007

pp. 181-183

Review of Ethnology of Georgia: A Textbook for Humanities Universities Students, by R. Topchishvili. Tbilisi, 2008 (in Georgian lang.)

pp. 184-186

Index of Articles and Materials Published in the Journal in 2010

pp. 187-191