Number 5, 2010

Central Asian Studies

“Capture is Our Everlasting Custom”: Bride Kidnapping among the Russian Kazakh

pp. 3-20

The Ordinary Servants of Islam or the Moldolor Phenomenon in Contemporary Kyrgyzstan

pp. 21-36

Zikr Jahr in the Ritual Practice of Sufi Groups of Central Asia and Its Ethnographic Features

pp. 37-43

Physical Anthropology

Neanderthals: Formation, Prosperity, and…

pp. 44-51

Evolutionary Morphology of Miocene Hominoids in View of the Issue of Origin of Bipedalism in Hominids

pp. 52-63

The Problem of the American Indians origin

pp. 64-79

The Medieval Population of Povolzhic According to Odontological Data

pp. 79-88

Ethnographic Mosaics

The Adaptation of Nunavut Eskimos to New Sociocultural Realities

pp. 89-106

Historical-Ethnographic Sujets in Movses Khorenatsi’s Work “History of Armenia” (Toward the 1600th Anniversary)

pp. 107-119

Children and Grandfathers in the Sacred-Light Space of the Epiphany Celebration

pp. 120-133

The Izhma Komi, Pomor, and Ust-Tsilema: Patterns of Cultural Transformations

pp. 134-151

The Mordovian Population of Bashkortostan in the Twentieth Century

pp. 151-169

Revisiting Published

Yet Again on Methods and Techniques of Field Research

pp. 170-178


Review of Sumatra: Crossroads of Cultures. Leiden, 2009

pp. 179-182

Review of Aspurgiane na yugo-vostoke Aziatskogo Bospora (po materialam Tsemdolinskogo nekropolia)(Aspurgians in the South-East of Asian Bosporus [by Materials from Tsemdolinskii Necropolis]). Moscow, 2008

pp. 182-184

Review of Tundra i more: Chukotsko-eskimosskaia rez ‘ba po kosti (The Tundra and the Sea: Chukotka-Eskimo Bone Carving), by V.A. Tishkov. Moscow, 2008

pp. 184-188

In memoriam

Nicolai Nicolaevich Michoutouchkine

pp. 189-191