Number 6, 2009

Special Theme of the Issue

Jewish Studies in Russia and Some Problems of Sociocultural Anthropology

(guest editor: E.E. Nosenko-Stein)

Introduction: Cultural Anthropology and Jewish Studies: Is Symbiosis Possible?

pp. 3-7

What Is “Jewishness”? A Social Anthropologist’s View

pp. 8-20

On the Collective Memory of Russian Jewry at the Turn of the Centuries: Preliminary Observations

pp. 20-29

The Integrative Aspects of the Jewish-Slavic Intercultural Dialogue (2004-2009 Fieldwork Materials)

pp. 29-37

House-Building Tradition of Podolian Shtetls in Practices and Memory

pp. 38-57

Mountain Jews: An Ethnic History

pp. 58-73

Russian Judaizers as a Textual Community: On the Scope of Applicability of Ethnic-Confessional Categories

pp. 73-86

Jewish Groups and Types in M.A. Krol’s Memoirs (An Ethnographic-Literary Essay)

pp. 86-99

Remembering a Scholar

N.N. Cheboksarov’s Contribution to Anthropology: The 100th Anniversary of the Scholar

pp. 100-114

N.N. Cheboksarov at the Origins of Museum Studies at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences

pp. 114-119


The Chuvash in the Intercultural Borderzone of Ural-Povolzhie

pp. 120-133

The Dagestan People: Facets of Identities (Ethnic-Linguistic and Social-Cultural Aspects)

pp. 133-148

“Shamanism” in the Present Day Russia: Toward the Issue of Revivalism

pp. 148-164

On Three Notes by F.K. Russov in Vedomost ‘ Redkostiam and Admiral M.P. Lazarev’s Collection from Oceania in MAE

pp. 164-181


Review of Novye etnicheskie gruppy v Rossii: Puti grazhdanskoi integratsii (New Ethnic Groups in Russia: Ways of Civil Integration), ed. by V.V. Stepanov, V.A. Tishkov. Moscow, 2008

pp. 182-184

Review of Soviet and Kosher: Jewish Popular Culture in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939, by A. Shtersnshis. Bloomington, 2006

pp. 185-188

Review of Landshaft v kul’turnoi geografii (Landscape in Cultural Geography), by V.N. Kalutskov. Moscow, 2008

pp. 188-191

Review of Komi Severnogo Zaural’ia (XIX – pervaia chetvert’XX v.) (The Komi of the North Ural [19th – First Quarter of the 20th Centuries]), by N.A. Povod. Novosibirsk, 2006

pp. 192-195

Review of Traditsionno-bytovaiaprirodno-sredovaia kul’tura narodov Sibiri, ее mesto v etnologii i etnicheskoi ekologii (Traditional/Everyday Life and Environmental Culture of Peoples of Siberia, and Its Place in Ethnology and Ethnic Ecology), by A.I. Kazannik et al. Omsk, 2008

pp. 196-197

Review of Anóoshi Lingít Aaní Ká / Russians in Tlingit America. The Battles of Sitka, 1802 and 1804, ed. by N.M. Dauenhauer, R. Dauenhauer, L.T. Black. Seattle, 2008

pp. 198-200

Index of materials published in the journal in 2009

pp. 201-205