Number 2, 2009

Special Theme of the Issue

Anthropology of Money

(guest editor: S.P. Tiukhteneva)

“Let’s Have Much Money!”

pp. 3-5

The Semantics of Signs about Money: Means of Managing Money Energy

pp. 6-12

“Twenty Kopecks Is Seventy Money”

pp. 13-16

Money Is Paper; Human Being Is Gold

pp. 16-22

Money in the Buryat Cultural Tradition

pp. 22-27


The Red Corner: On the Origins and Semantics of the Sacred Locus (Based on Northern Russian Materials)

pp. 28-42

Sheikh Tantavi on the Russian Orthodox Tradition (Drawn on Materials of the “Description of Russia” Treatise)

pp. 42-51

Ceremonies of Incorporation and Separation of the Child as Rites of Passage among the Datogo of Northern Tanzania

pp. 51-67

The Eveny of the Magadan Region: Toward the Issue of Ethnonymy

pp. 68-75

The Image of Russia and Ukraine in the Context of Geopolitical Changes

pp. 75-92

Language and Ethnicity: Discussions on Language Policies in Finno-Ugric Regions

pp. 92-105


“Vedomost’ redkostiam, otdannym iz Muzeuma byvshago Gosudarstvennago Admiralteiskago Departamenta v Imperatorskuiu Akademiiu Nauk” (Characteristics, Dating, Contents)

pp. 106-123


The Symbolic Component of the Sex Culture of Eleventh-Thirteenth Century Russia

pp. 124-128

Ethnic-Linguistic Situation in Multiethnic Regions of Georgia (Kvemo Kartli)

pp. 128-130


Review of Vzgliad na gortsev. Vzgliad s gor: Mirovozzrencheskie aspekty kul’tury i sotsial’nyi opyt gortsev Dagestana (A View on Highlanders. A View from Highlands: Worldview Aspects of the Culture and Social Experience of Dagestan Highlanders), by Y. Y. Karpov. St. Petersburg, 2007

pp. 131-134

Review of Uil’ta Sakhalina: Bol’shie problem malochislennogo naroda (Uilta of Sakhalin: Big Problems of a Small People), by L.I. Missonova. Moscow, 2006

pp. 135-139

Review of Osnovy etnologii: Uchebnoe posobie (Basics of Ethnology: A Study Textbook), ed. by V.V. Pimenov. Moscow, 2007

pp. 139-142

Review of Chechentsy v istorii, politike, nauke i kul’ture Rossii: issledvaniia i dokumenty (Chechens in the History, Politics, Scholarship, and Culture of Russia: Studies and Documents), ed. by K.V. Turkaev. Moscow, 2008

pp. 142-146

Review of Dary vozhdiam (Gifts to Leaders), ed. by O. Sosnina, N. Ssorin-Chaikov. Moscow, 2006

pp. 146-148

Review of Hirten in Kontakt. Sprachund Kulturwandel ehemaliger Wanderhirten (Albanisch, Aromunisch, Griechisch) // Balkanologie. Beiträge zur Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft/Hrsg, von T. Kahl, M. Metzeltin, G. Schubert, C. Voss. Band 2. Wien; Berlin, 2007

pp. 148-151

Review of Obriadovaiapoeziia kalmykov. Sistema zhanrov,poetika (Ritual Poetry of the Kalmyk: The System of Genres and Poetics), by T.G. Bordzhanova. Elista, 2007

pp. 152-154

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pp. 155

In memoriam

Eduard Lvovich Nitoburg

pp. 156-159