Number 4, 2009

The Study of Identity

The Pomor Idea: Emergence and Development

pp. 3-17

Toward the Issue of Modern Identity of the Gagauz of Moldova

pp. 17-26

“Finnish Honesty” in Nineteenth-Century Russian Popular Scholarly Literature: On the Issue of Shaping an Ethnic-Cultural Stereotype

pp. 27-41

Ethnographic Studies of Religion

Islam as a Factor in the Religious Life of the Dagestan Republic

pp. 42-51

Pagan Deities and Demons of the Andalal Avars

pp. 51-67

Northern Buddhism Conceptions of Birth in Shambhala

pp. 67-84

History of the Discipline

What Interested Russian Ethnographers in Latin America?

pp. 85-102

N.A. Yanchuk: At the Beginnings of “Ethnographic Review”

pp. 102-109

From the History of Ethnographic Education in Leningrad / St. Petersburg University

pp. 109-117


About Terms Denoting Ethnic Categories

pp. 118-129

Metamorphoses of Kinship among the Tuvan

pp. 129-145

El Coco and His Friends: The Past and the Present in the Mythology of Spanish Children

pp. 146-158

Family Law among the Siberian Tatar in the 18th – early 20th Centuries

pp. 158-171


Buddhist Cult Objects from G.F. Midler and I. Jährig’s Collections in the MAE RAS Funds

pp. 172-180


Review of Istoriia britanskoi sotsial’noi antropologii (History of British Social Anthropology), by A.A. Nikishenkov. St. Petersburg, 2008

pp. 181-185

Review of Fol’klor i sovremennost’ (Savushkinskie chteniia). IV-V. Materialy Vserossiiskoi nauchno-prakticheskoi konferentsii (Folklore and Modernity [The Savushkin Readings]. 4-5. Materials of Russian National Applied Studies Conference). Moscow, 2007

pp. 185-188

Review of Etnos i natsiia v usloviiakh globalizatsii: opyt i pretsedenty ATR (Ethnos and Nation in the Globalization Context: Experiences and Cases of the Asia-Pacific Region). Vladivostok, 2008

pp. 188-191

Review of Finno-ugorskie narody Rossii: vchera, segodnia, zavtra (Finno-Ugric Peoples of Russia: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow). Syktyvkar, 2008

pp. 191-195

Review of Islam na kraiu sveta. Istoriia islama v Zapadnoi Sibiri v 3 tomakh. T. I : Istochniki i istoriografiia (Islam at the Edge of the World: History of Islam in Western Siberia, in 3 Volumes. Vol. 1: Sources and Historiography). Tiumen, 2007; Islam v Astrakhanskom krae: istoriia i sovremennost’ (Islam in the Astrakhan Region: History and Modernity), by A.V. Syzranov. Astrakhan, 2007; Islam и stepnykh nogaitsev (Islam among the Steppe Nogai), by A.A. Yarlykapov. Moscow, 2008

pp. 195-198

Review of Fol’klor narodov Severnogo Kavkaza: teksty, issledovaniia (Folklore of Peoples of Northern Caucasus: Texts, Explorations), by V.F. Miller. Moscow, 2008

pp. 199-201

In memoriam

Sevyan Izrailevich Vainshtein

pp. 202-207