Number 5, 2009

Diasporas, Religions

Ethno-Religious Groups of South Asian Origin in Three English Cities

pp. 3-14

Bukhara Jews: The Destiny of a Diaspora

pp. 15-26

Disciplinary Issues

Social Anthropology: Education, Discipline, Profession

pp. 27-41

Studies in Historical Ethnography

On the Anthroponymy of South-Eastern Abkhazia’s Population

pp. 42-51

Kazakhs and Tea: Historical-Ethnographic Study

pp. 51-62

The Dress of “Soviet Cossacks” in the Don of the 1930s

pp. 63-75

Folklore Studies

Images of Island and Stone in the Russian Folklore Tradition: In Search of Semantic Origins

pp. 76-92

On the Specificity of Performing and Studying Khanty’s Sacred Folklore

pp. 92-98


The Origin of the Armenian People in the Context of Paleoanthropological Data

pp. 99-119

Disgracing Punishments for Women in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Russia

pp. 120-134

Metamorphoses of the Epithet “Jewish” in Dagcstanian Traditional Stories

pp. 134-147


A Unique Picture of Ainu’s Life 150 Years Ago; Review of Omskaia sensatsiia: Seriia akvarelei Byozana Khirasavy “Zhizn’ i obychai ainov” iz sohraniia Omskogo oblastnogo muzeiia izobrazitel’nykh iskusstv im. M.A. Vrubelia (Omsk Sensation: A Watercolor Series by Byozan Khirasava “Life and Customs of Ainu” from the Collection of the M.V. Vrubel’ Omsk Region Fine Arts Museum). Moscow, 2008

pp. 148-149

New Works in Caucasus Studies: Review of Sviatye i mucheniki v istorii Gruzii (Saints and Martyrs in the History of Georgia), by G.V. Tsulaia. Moscow, 2006; Siluety Gruzii – 1 (Outlines of Georgia – 1), by G.V. Tsulaia. Moscow, 2007; Siluety Gruzii – 2 (Outlines of Georgia – 2), by G.V. Tsulaia. Moscow, 2008

pp. 150-153

Review of Alutiiq Villages under Russian and U.S. Rule, by S. Luehrmann. Fairbanks, 2008

pp. 154-157

Review of Inkeriläsiii siirtiimässä. Jussija Liisa Tenkkupäeväkirjat 1943-1944. Jyväskylä, 2008

pp. 158-161

Review of Interethnik im Wissenschaftsprozess. Deutschsprachige Volkskunde in Böhmen und ihre gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen, by P. Lozoviuk. Leipzig, 2008

pp. 161-163

Review of Oeherki po material’noi kul’ture evenov Yakutii (konets XIX- nachalo XX v.) (Essays on Material Culture of Yakutia’s Eveny [late 19 th – early 20 th centuries]), by E.K. Alekseeva. Novosibirsk, 2003

pp. 163-166

In memoriam

Aleksandr Mikhailovich Reshetov

pp. 167-169

Roza Fedorovna Nikol’skaia (Taroeva)

pp. 170-174