Number 4, 2011

Special Theme of the Issue

Traditional Celebrations of Peoples of Russia

(guest editor - L.A. Tultseva)

Traditional Celebrations of Peoples of Russia at the Turn of the Centuries: Introduction to a Discussion

pp.  3-6

The “Midsummer Day”: Tradition in the Life and Life in the Tradition of the North Khanty

pp. 7-14

Agricultural Celebrations of the Spring-Summer Cycle in the Present-Day Culture and Social-Political Life of the Besermyan

pp. 14-22

Calendar Rites of the Mordva as a Factor of Strengthening Ethnic Identity

pp. 23-28

The Yakut National Festival of Ysyakh in Transition: Historical Myth, Ethnic-Cultural Image and Modern Celebratory Narrative

pp. 29-40

The Holiday of Semyk in the Ethnic Culture of Contemporary Mari

pp. 40-47

Ust-Tsilma Hill: From a Rite to a Republican Holiday

pp. 48-56

The Church, Image, and Holiday of St. Paraskeva-Friday among the Present-Day Udor Komi

pp. 56-63

Russian Holiday and Demography in the 20th and Early 21st Centuries

pp. 64-74


History and Memory in the Epoch of Dominating Identities: An Interview with Pierre Nora, Historian and Member of the French Academy

pp. 75-84

Ethnographic Materials and Studies

Reproductive Success and Economic Status among the Datoga – Semi-Sedentary Pastoralists of Northern Tanzania

pp. 85-99

Silver and Gold in Women’s Jewelry in the Caucasus in the Second Half of the 20th Century: A Problem of Sociocultural Replacement

pp. 100-114

Fish in the Food System of the Komi (Zyryan)

pp. 115-122

On New Approaches to Interpretation of the Northern Peoples List in Jordanes’s “Getica”

pp. 123-133

Из архива

The Amu Darya Organizational Commission of 1875-1876 (Toward a History of the Karakalpak in the Second Half of the 19th Century)

pp. 134-155


The Collection of N.N. Michoutouchkine and A. Pilioko at the Ethnographic Museum of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences

pp. 156-160


Review of Stanovlenie i pervonachal’noe rasseleniie roda Homo (The Emergence and Initial Settlement of the Homo Genus), by A.A. Zubov. St. Petersburg, 2011

pp. 161-165

Review of Sovremennoe yazychestvo v religiozno-kul’turnoi zhizni: istoricheskie ocherki (Contemporary Paganism in Religious and Cultural Life: Historical Essays), by O.A. Smorzhevskaia, R.V. Shizhenskii. Nizhnii Novgorod, 2010

pp. 165-169

Review of Udegeitsy: okhotniki i sobirateli reki Bikin (The Udeghe: Hunters and Gatherers of the Bikin River), by O.O. Zvidennaia, N.I. Novikova. Moscow, 2010

pp. 170-173

Review of Yazyk tsyganskii ves’ v zagadkakh: Narodnye aforizmy russkikh tsygan iz arkhiva I.M. Andronikovoi (The Gypsy Language All in Riddles: Folk Aphorisms of Russian Gypsies from the I.M. Andronikova Archive). St. Petersburg, 2006

pp. 173-176

Review of Rossiiskoe zarubezhie vo Frantsii: 1919-2000. Biografi cheskii slovar’ v triokh tomakh (The Russian Emigration in France: 1919-2000. A Biographical Dictionary in Three Volumes). Moscow, 2008

pp. 176-178

Review of Ritual’naia skul’ptura narodov Amura i Sakhalina. Putevodnaia nit’ chisel (The Ritual Sculpture of Peoples of Amur and Sakhalin. The Guiding Clue of Numbers), by A.N. Ostrovskii. St. Petersburg, 2009

pp. 179-182

In memoriam

Liudmila Vasilievna Khomich

pp. 183-188

Igor Semionovich Kon

pp. 189-192

On the Journal's Website in "EO-Online"

On the Project and Conference “Social Anthropology of the Contemporary Russian City: Professional Research and Training”

pp. 193-199

Review of Zhongguo gaoxiao zhexue shehui fazhan baogao: J978-2008. Minzuxue. Guilin, 2008

pp. 200-202

The List of Publications by V. A. Tishkov

pp. 203-222

The List of Publications by V. Y. Zorin

pp. 223-225