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Problems of Integration of Gypsies into the Latvian Society

Type of publication: Research Article

About author(s)

Mara Ya. Ustinova | umara05@mail.ru | Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAS


latvian republic, integration, education, employment, migration of gypsies, gypsies, roma


The article discusses the issue of integration of Gypsies (Roma), one of the most flamboyant ethnic-cultural minorities in Latvia. On the one hand, Gypsies are already integrated into the Latvian society in both the political and linguistic respects, as the majority of them have the citizenship status and perfect command of Latvian. On the other, they still keep facing serious problems impeding their integration de facto. One of the gravest problems is the extremely low level of education in all age groups, which in turn determines the low employment and well-being figures. Latvian Gypsies actively resort to opportunities for migration to other EU countries in search of better life conditions and their numbers in Latvia have been shrinking lately.


Ustinova, M.Y. 2011. Problems of Integration of Gypsies into the Latvian Society. Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 1: 75-88

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