Number 5, 2008

Special Theme of the Issue

Anthropology of Professional Communities

(guest editors: P.V. Romanov, E.R. Iarskaia-Smirnova)

The World of Professions as a Field of Anthropological Research

pp. 3-17

Projections of Social Control in the Space of Profession

pp. 18-32

Manufacturing Concessions: Squeezing Out Workers by Nagging at General Motor’s Lordstown Assembly Plant

pp. 32-46

Game-Playing in Luxury Hotels: Autonomy, Identity, Consent

pp. 47-61

“Ten Minutes of Fear and You Are Home!”: The Everyday of Shuttle Taxi Bus Drivers

pp. 61-74

Anthropology of the Body

Toward the Issue of Positive and Negative Perceptions of Tattoos in Ancient Times

pp. 76-95

The Phenomenon of Women’s Tattoo in Dagestan

pp. 96-114


The Gagauz: Population Dynamics and Changes in Settling Patterns (the Second Half of the 20th – Beginning of the 21st Century)

pp. 115-133

The Wedding of the Dead among the Germans of Siberia

pp. 133-144

The Dwelling in the Traditional Burial Rite System of the Kyrgyz (the Case of Yurt)

pp. 144-159

Contemporary Buryat Joke in the Construction of Ethnic Realm

pp. 159-170

Surveys and Reviews

Anthropological Evidence of Ties of the Ancient Japanese with Peoples of the Continent during the Yayoi Period

pp. 171-176

Review of Natsionalizm v mirovoi istorii, ed. by V.A. Tishkov, V.A. Shnirelman. Moscow, 2007

pp. 177-180

Review of Starovery fedoseevtsy Viatskogo kraia, by V.K. Semibratov. Moscow, 2006

pp. 180-183

On the Journal's Website

pp. 184


pp. 184

In memoriam

Abram Isakovich Pershits

pp. 185-189

Evgenii Prokofievich Busygin

pp. 190-191