Number 4, 2008

Special Theme of the Issue


(guest editor : V.I. Dyatlov)

Chinatowns in Contemporary Russia: A Few Prefatory Remarks from the Guest Editor

pp. 3-5

Russia: Anticipating Chinatowns

pp. 6-16

Blagoveshchensk: In Search of a “Chinatown”

pp. 17-31

Hotel “Odon” – Center of Chinese Life in Ulan-Ude

pp. 31-37

“Коrean Village” in Primorie: A “National Revival” Project

pp. 37-43

“Atlantis of the Urban Scale”: Chinatowns in Far Eastern Towns (Late XIX – Early X X Centries)

pp. 44-58

On the Meaning of the Notion "Indigenous People": A Discussion

Indigenous Peoples: From the Politics of Strategic Essentialism to the Principle of Social Justice

pp. 59-76

Ancestry, Generation, Substance, Memory, Land

pp. 76-101

Ethnographic Studies of the Povolzhie Region

The Cult of Loud / Keremet among the Udmurt of the Trans-Kama River Area

pp. 102-114

Ethno-Religious Groups of the Chuvash

pp. 114-127

History of the Discipline

A.I. Robakidze and Caucasus Studies Issues in the Tradition of Georgian Soviet Ethnography

pp. 128-136


The Toponymies of Sacred Objects in the Baikal Region

pp. 137-150

The Sleigh in Russian Burial Rites: A History of Study and a Problem of Interpretation

pp. 151-164

From the History of the Turukhan (Sharokhin) Yakut

pp. 165-177


Review of Stepan Lisitsian i istoki armianskoi etnografii (Stepan Lisitsian and the Origins of Armenian Ethnography), by L.M. Vardanian. Erevan, 2005

pp. 178-182

Review of Unelma uudesta Karjalasta: Neuvosto-Karjala valokuvissa 1920-ja 1930-luvulla, by P. Hakamies, O. Fišman. Helsinki; Pietari, 2007

pp. 182-185

Review of Indonesia: The Discovery of the Past. Amsterdam, 2006

pp. 185-188

In memoriam

Irina Vladimirovna Dolzhenko

pp. 189-191