Number 2, 2008

Special Theme of the Issue

Russian-Speakers in the "Near Abroad" through the Eyes of Russian Academy

(guest editor: N.P. Kosmarskaya)

Invitation to Discussion

pp. 3-7

On the Identity of Russians in Central Asia

pp. 7-10

Russians in the Orbit of State Politics

pp. 11-12

Russians in the “Near Abroad”: What Is After “Adaptation”?

pp. 13-15

“Who Are We? Where Are We From? Where Are We Going?”

pp. 15-18

Russians of the “Near Abroad” in the View of a “Tashkent Russian”

pp. 19-20

The Russian-Speaking of the “Near Abroad”: The Situation in Estonia

pp. 21-23

Reflections on Language, Ethnicity, and Other Analysis Terms in the Book “Children of Empire in Post-Soviet Central Asia”

pp. 24-29

Few Words about Studying Russians of the “New Abroad”

pp. 30-41

A View from Afar

pp. 42-45

About Russians in Central Asia, and Not Only about Them

pp.  46-49

Response to Commenters

pp. 50-69


Reflections on the Outcomes of a Career: A Conversation with Sevyan Izrailevich Vainshtein

pp. 70-86

History of the Discipline

N.V. Briullova-Shaskol’skaia, Ethnologist, Revolutionary, a Person of the Epoch

pp. 87-105


Russians from China in Australia: Particularities of Adaptation (1950-1980)

pp. 106-120

Feeling the Land: Ecological Ethics among the Evenki and Eveny

pp. 121-138


Ten Years of “Primitiveness” in Post-Soviet Russia: An Analysis of Some, Mainly Textbook-Oriented, Publications

pp. 139-156

M. Godelier’s “Enigma of the Gift” and Some Contemporary Problems

pp. 157-166

Reviews and Surveys

Review of Problemy obshchei i regional’noi etnografii (Problems of General and Regional Ethnography). St. Petersburg, 2007

pp. 167-168

Review of Narody Zapadnoi Sibiri: etnograficheskii al’bom (Peoples of Western Siberia: Ethnographic Album). Moscow, 2007

pp. 169-172

Review of Ukazatel’ tipicheskikh mest geroicheskogo eposa narodov Sibiri (Index of Typical Locations in Heroic Epics of the Peoples of Siberia), by E.N. Kuz’mina. Novosibirsk, 2005

pp. 173-177

Review of The Telengits of Southern Siberia: Landscape, Religion and Knowledge in Motion, by A. Halemba. N.Y., 2006

pp. 178-180

Review of Antropologiia komi (Anthropology of Komi), ed. by G.A. Aksianova. Moscow, 2005

pp. 181-185

Review of La memoria lunga (Roma, 2002); II fuoco. Simbolismo e pratiche rituali (Palermo, 2002); I morti e il grano (Roma, 2006); Feste dell’alloro in Sicilia (Palermo, 2006), by I.E. Buttitta

pp. 185-187

In memoriam

Tatiana Aleksandrovna Zhdanko

pp. 188-191

On the Journal's Website

pp. 191