Number 6, 2007

Special Theme of the Issue

Picturesque Pathways of Ethnography

(guest editor: A.L. Elfimov)

Introduction: Paths and Genres

pp. 3-4

N.L. Koshchevskii and S.M. Shirokogorov: Friendship and Collaboration in Emigration in China

pp. 5-13

Nikolai Kharuzin and Vasilii Kandinskii

pp. 14-33

Walter Spies and Metamorphoses of Balinese Ethnography

pp. 34-57

Marius Barbeau and Canadian Landscape-Painters: At the Crossroads of Ethnology and Art

pp. 58-79


Social Organization of the Wa of China

pp. 80-93

Creoles of Alaska in the Light of Cross-Cultural Interaction Processes

pp. 94-104

Communication Culture among the Kazakh: Etiquette of Greeting and Parting

pp. 105-115

The Russian Tradition of Ethnographic Studies of the Basque

pp. 116-126

Botlikh: The Destiny of a Highland Dagestan Community in the Contemporary Period

pp. 127-141

On the Issue of Semantic Design of Arrowheads from the Kamen Dyrovaty Cave Sanctuary

pp. 142-155

Eskimo Sea Mammal Hunters of Chukotka and the Change of Political Regimes in Russia

pp. 156-170

Shorter Essays

The Image of Human Being in the Mirror of Khanty and Nentsy Languages

pp. 171-178


Review of Ocherki kommunal’ no go byta (Essays on Communal Everyday Life), by I.V. Utekhin. Moscow, 2004

pp. 179-182

Review of Etnograf etnoarkheolog, kul’turolog…: к 65-letiiu prof essor a Nikolaia Arkadievicha Tomilova (Ethnographer, Ethnoarchaeologist, Culturologist…: Toward the 65 th Anniversary of Professor Nikolai Arkadievich Tomilov), Omsk, 2006

pp. 183-185

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pp. 185

Index of Materials Published in the Journal in 2007

pp. 186-191