Number 1, 1995

Theory and methodology

Itroduction to: Assessing Cultural Anthropology

pp. 3-18

Ethnos and culture

Pastoral Land Tenure in Kenya (1950—1990)

pp. 19-29

Nomads Fords and Bridges

pp. 30-35

Ancient Russian «Druzhinniks’» Initiations

pp. 35-45

A Ferility Rite of the Don Region: Tradition and Distinction

pp. 45-52

Ethnic minorities

Russian Refugees in the Caucasus ( Towards the History of Russian Diaspora in the region in 1830—1850)

pp. 53-66

Moslems in Poland

pp. 66-73

Applied ethnology

Ethnographers Write A Law: Context and Problems

pp. 74-88

History of the science

«It is not superfluous to learn from the primary source» V. A. Tishkov’s interview with S. I. Bruk, Ex-Deputy-Director of the Institute of Ethnography

pp. 89-101

In memoriam

R. L. Sadokov and Problems of Musical Archaeology

pp. 102-113

Chronicle of the Conference

pp. 114-122

Science in Society: The Case of Tribal Medicine

pp. 122-128

Ecology as the Modern Myth

pp. 128-137

Popular Medicine and the Religious Life of the Inhabitants of Eastern Bohemia. (A Short Chapter on the Life of an Eastern Bohemia Rural Community at the End of the XXth Century)

pp. 137-141

Waters of Life and Health: Well-Worshipping in Scotland

pp. 142-146

Museum life

An Ethnographic Museum Once Again

pp. 147-149

Buddhism. Nature. Man

pp. 149-152

Scientific Life

MAE Convention Celebrating the 150-th Anniversary of D. N. Anuchin’s Birth

pp. 153-156

Patriarch of Russian Anthropology

pp. 156-161

Minorities and Democracy in Post-Totalitarian States

pp. 162-168

The First International Meeting of Ethnologists in Macedonia

pp. 168

Traditional Upbringing in a Modern Ethnic School

pp. 169-171

Conference on the Ethnography of Altai Region

pp. 171-172

Book reviews

Yu. I. Semyonov. Economic Ethnology. Primitive and Early Class Society. Pt. I—111. M., 1993

pp. 173-180

Disciples — in Memory of the Teachers. Ethnoses and Ethnic Processes. In Memory of R. F. Its. M., 1993; Early Historical Forms of Social Stratification: Genesis, Evolution, Potestary and Political Functions. In Memory of L. Ye. Kubbel. M., 1993

pp. 180-182

Old Times Living. A Survey of Journal Publications on Russian Folklore and Traditional Culture

pp. 182-184


Principal Writings of N. P. Lobachyova (In Celebration of the 40-years of Her Scientific Work)

pp. 185-186

Principal Writings of G. I. Anokhin (In Celebration of His 70th Anniversary)

pp. 187-188


R. U. Miklukho-Maklay

pp. 189-190