Number 3, 1995

To the 50-th Anniversary of the Victory: history, memories, views

Paying the Debt

pp. 3-20

A Widow’s Lot

pp. 20-26

Deportation of Peoples During the Great Patriotic War

pp. 26-44

Theory and Methodology

A Personal View of Present Tasks and Priorities in Cultural and Social Anthropology

pp. 45-54

Ethnos and Culture

The Family, Woman, and Sex Ethics in the Orthodox and Catholic Churches: Comparative Perspective

pp. 55-70

Female Body Magic as a Source of the Gipsy Band Dance

pp. 70-84

Comparative Study of the Bulgarian and Gagauz Kinship Systems (Southern Ukraine Materials)

pp. 84-92

Religious Beliefs and Ceremonies

On Ishanism among the Turkmens

pp. 93-100

Pagan Rites, Customs, and Festivals among the Judaic Tots of Dagestan

pp. 101-107

Dried Head Worship in Avaria

pp. 107-109

Applied Anthropology

Discussion of the Draft Law of the Russin Federation «Foundations of the Legal Status of Indeginous Peoples of the Russian North»

pp. 110-121

To the Problem of Ratification by the Russian Federation of MOT Convention №169 «On Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries»

pp. 122-132

History of the Science

A Contribution to the History of Ethnography in Italy

pp. 133-149

Museum Life

New Temporary Exhibitions in MAE

pp. 150-155

Scientific Life

To the 75-th Anniversary of B. N. Putilovа

pp. 156-158

The X-th. All-Russia dialectological meeting «Russian Dialects Lexical Atlas-94»

pp. 158-161

Jubile of the Russia Ethnographic Museum

pp. 161-163


Iren Mélikoff. Sur les traces du soufism turc

pp. 164-167

T. A. Voronina. Russian Lubokof the 1820—1860s: Manufacture, Circulation, Themes

pp. 167-169

B. A. Frolov. European Primitive Drawings

pp. 170-171


Major Writings of K. P. Kalinovskaya

pp. 172-175