Number 5, 1995

To the 50-th Anniversary of the Victory

35 Days in Fascist Captivity

pp. 3-6

Theory and Methodology

Ethnicity as Objective Reality (Comments on the Article by S. V. Cheshko)

pp. 7-10

Reply to the Opponents

pp. 11-13

Ethnos and Ethnicity

pp. 13-23

Ethnos and Culture

Saphara Fires in Khorezm (Forgotten Festivals))

pp. 24-36

The Urals Cossacks (A Short Outline of Their History and Ethnography)

pp. 37-49

Reconstruction of the Ritual Loci of the Lettish Calendar Festivals

pp. 49-59

House-Building Traditions of Ethnic Enclaves in Foreign Surroundings

pp. 59-76

The Orthodox Church and Traditional Culture

Ethnographic Study of a People’s Religiousness: Notes of the Subject, Methods, and Distinctive Features of the Current Stage of the Research

pp. 77-83

The Role of Diet and v Eating Habits in the Spiritual Upbringing of the Inhabitants of the Russian Orthodox Monasteries in the XIXth Century

pp. 84-91

The Orthodox Temple in the Life of the Russian Nobility

pp. 92-99

Orthodox Missionary Activity in the Altai in the 1830—1860s: Some Aspects of the Problem

pp. 99-109

Applied Ethnology

Trends in Nationalities Policy of the Post-Communist Russia

pp. 110-124

Political Leaders Speak on Nationalities Question

Interview with the «Common Cause» Association Leader I. Khakamada. Interview with the Agrarian Party Leader I. M. Lapshin

pp. 125-132

History of the Science

ValtazarBogisic( 1834—1908) (tohis 160th Anniversary)

pp. 133-144

Scientific Life

Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology in 1994

pp. 145-155

Conference of Young Scholars «Anthropologist: A Scholar? An Artist? A Politician?»

pp. 156-157

International Conference of Africanists in Moscow

pp. 158-159

A. N. Kharuzin’s Archives in the Moscow State University’s Library

pp. 159-160


A Valuable Reference Book

pp. 161-163

I. N. Solomonik. Traditional Oriental Puppet Theatre. Main Types of Corpus Puppets Theatre

pp. 163-167

Obituary Yu. B. Simchenko

Major Works of Yu. B. Simchenko

pp. 168-173