Number 1, 1996

50-th Anniversary of the Victory: events, recollections, opinions

Paying the Debts. Part III. Institute of Ethnography of the USSR Academy of Sciences during the Great Patriotic War (conclusion)

pp. 3-14

Theory and Methodology

The term «race» and racial classification issue in modern physical anthropology

pp. 15-24

Reflections on the Balkan Ethnology

pp. 24-31

Ethnos and Culture

Survivals of primitive forms of gender relations in Russian peasantry’s customs in the XIX— early XXth century

pp. 32-48

On the origins of humour

pp. 49-53

Germeneutic approach to the study of the origins of humour

pp. 53-61

Data on funeral practices of Iranian Zoroastrians in the XVII—XX centuries

pp. 61-72

Ethnic Minorities

Assirians in Central Russia

pp. 73-80

Applied Ethnology

Ethnic components of Russian teenagers self-consciousness

pp. 81-90

Fundamentals of the Legal Status of the Aboriginal Peoples of the North». Discussion of the Draft Law of the Russian Federation

pp. 91-94

Political leaders speak about the nationalities question

Interview with I. V. Artemov and V. V. Zhirinovsky

pp. 95-103


Georgian agiography monuments: «David and Konstantin’s martyrdom» (ethnocultural aspect)

pp. 104-116

History of the Science

Half a century of field work (V. A. Tishkov’s interview with E. P. Busygin)

pp. 117-131

Scientific Life

III Conference of European Association of social anthropologists «Perspectives of Morals, Knowledge and Power»

pp. 132-134

The IEA RAN Learned Council’s Commemorative Meeting and S. A. Tokarev Readings (to the 10th Anniversary of His Death)

pp. 135-139


Peter’s Kunstkamera Courier

pp. 140-141

V. Drvoshanov. Кайларскиот Говор. Cкoпje. 1993

pp. 141-142

Reader's Letters

pp. 143-155

Index for 1995

pp. 156-159