Number 5, 1996

Theory and methodology

Considering the perspectives of a science

pp. 3-24

Ethnos and Culture

Aztec handicrafts

pp. 25-38

Ethnos, Society, State

Ethnic aspects of the present socio-economic situation in Kazakhstan

pp. 39-57

Ethnic processes in Mexico

pp. 57-70

The origin of Finn settlements in Ingria

pp. 70-80

Reprints and comments

Les legendes de «Fils d’aveugles» au Caucase et autor du Caucase

pp. 81-93

Blinds in the Caucasus and Central Asia folklore. (Additions to the article by G. Dumezil)

pp. 94-109

«Patriotism needs consideration»

pp. 110-117

Political leaders speak about the nationalities question

Interview with V. V. Igrunov and G. A. Yavlinski

pp. 118-127

Scientific Life

The Conference «Strange thing in a culture»

pp. 128-132

The 7-th Conference on the onomastics of the Volga region

pp. 132-136

One hundred years to A. N. Efimov

pp. 136-137


Finnish literature about the deportations of Ingermanland Finns to Finland during the II World War

pp. 138-142

N. E. Masanov. The Kazakh nomadic civilization. Almaty, Moscow, 1995

pp. 142-147

N. E. Masanov. The Kazakh nomadic civilization. Almaty, Moscow, 1995

pp. 147-150

T. G. Ivanova. Folklore studies in Russia at the beginning of the XX century as reflected in biographical essays. St.-Petersburg, 1993

pp. 151-153

Terebikhin N. M. Sacral geography of the Russia’s North. Arkhangelsk, 1993

pp. 153-155

Uarziati V.S. Osetian festivities. Vladikavkaz, 1995

pp. 155-157

National- cultural autonomies and organisations. History. Politicy. Practice. Vol. 1—3. M., 1995

pp. 157-161

N. M. Lebedeva. A new Russian diaspora. M., 1995

pp. 161-162


Reply to C. P. Kalinovskaya

pp. 163-164


V. S. Uarziati

pp. 165-166

List of major works of V. S. Uarziati

pp. 166-167

Yu. A. Sem

pp. 168-169

List of major works of Yu. A. Sem

pp. 169-171

New publications ofthe RAS Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology

pp. 172-174