Number 2, 1996

Theory and methodology

Society, countries, peoples

pp. 3-18

Ethnos and Culture

Islam and musical folk traditions of the Volga region peoples

pp. 19-30

Wedding ceremonies of the Penza region population

pp. 30-50

Calendar rituals of the Terek Cossaks

pp. 50-63

«Stick fightings»

pp. 63-74

Early Bulgar ritual song from the Hodosh codex of the XIV century in the context of a pagan festivity

pp. 74-80

From Chiefdom to Tribe (a case of North-East Yemen)

pp. 81-91

Ethnos, Society, State

Panturkism, Panturanism and Germany

pp. 92-103

The influence of the Caucasus War on Adyges

pp. 104-113

A new Russian ethnic diaspora and Russia

pp. 113-125

Transformation of Kalmak ethnic identity

pp. 125-139

Applied Ethnology

Discussion of the Draft Law of the Russian Federation «Foundations of the Legal Statues of Indigenous Peoples of the Russian North»

pp. 140-143

History of the Science

Stephan Savov Bobchev

pp. 144-155

Scientific Life

The First Congress of Russia’s ethnographers and anthropologists

pp. 156-160

Calendar festivities of the peoples of Asia: traditions and innovations

pp. 161-166


I. M. Diakonov. The ways of History. From the ancient Man to the present days

pp. 167-173

Documents of the traditional Law of Albans of the Osman time

pp. 174-176

Ethnology. A manual for higher institutions

pp. 176-178

M. N. Guboglo. The years on the edge. Vol. I. Mobilized linguicism

pp. 179-180


Major Works of B. A. Kaloev

pp. 181


In memoriam of M. J. Zhornitskaya

pp. 182-185

Major Works of M. J. Zhornitskaya

pp. 186-189