Number 4, 1996

Theory and Methodology

The idea of Eurasianism and Theory of Culture

pp. 3-16

Ethnos and Culture

The world of sentiments of a Russian woman in the XVIII century

pp. 17-31

Functional approach to psychic disorders within the ethnological context

pp. 31-37

Extract from the Georgian zoonimy

pp. 38-45

Gender symbolics in the Yakut traditional culture

pp. 45-51

Ethnos, Society, State

«Colonial politarism» in the New World

pp. 52-64

Turcic peoples: revitalization or development?

pp. 65-75

History of the Science

In memory of G. F. Debetz

pp. 76-77

G. F. Debetz’s «Paleoanthropology of the USSR» and the modem-paleoanthropology

pp. 78-84

An unfulfilled project of G. F. Debetz: Anthropogeography, Genogeography, and Gene Pool

pp. 85-98

India in a view of a Russian travellar

pp. 99-105

From the origin to the blossom of the German ethnology. Theoretical aspects

pp. 105-116

The role of Moscow and Sanct-Petersburgh in the development of the Latvian ethnography

pp. 116-124

Political leaders speak about the nationalities question

Interview with V. V. Aksiuchitz

pp. 125-129

Interview with V. N. Lysenko

pp. 130-134

Scientific Life

International Symposium «Shaman and Universe in the cultures of the world»

pp. 135-139

A Conference in memory of G. F. Debetz

pp. 140-142

A new exibition in REM «Cosmogonic views of the Russian people»

pp. 142-145

International Ryabinin session «Problemsofthe traditional culture of the Russian North»

pp. 145-148

80 years of the Tot’ma folklore museum

pp. 148-152


New materials about nomadism

pp. 153-158

D. Hollinger. Postethnic America. Beyond multicuhuralism. N. Y., 1995

pp. 158-161

Traditional culture of Komi: ethnographic essays. Syktyvkar, 1994

pp. 162-164


Major works of Professor Khalel Argynbaev (70th anniversary)

pp. 165-167


In memory of Lev Barag

pp. 168-170

In memory of V. V. Matveev

pp. 171-173

Major works of V. V. Matveev

pp. 173

New publications on ethnology

pp. 176