Number 4, 1995

To the 50-th Anniversary of the Victory: history, memories, views

Paying the Debt. Part II. In memory of the workers of the Institute of Ethnography of the USSR Academy of Sciencis, who had fallen for their country

pp. 3-24

Written form of front-line folklore

pp. 25-35

At a front-line theatre

pp. 36-38

Theory and Methodology

The Problem of «Ethnicity»

pp. 39-55

What is a wedding ceremony? A case-study of wedding ceremonialism

pp. 55-64


War, Conflict, Violence (polemoiogical notes)

pp. 65-76

Reaction to S. V. Sokolovsky’s article (N. N. Kulakova, A. G. Osipov)

pp. 76-80

Ethnogenesis and Ethnic History

On the biological specificity of the Uralian-speaking peoples: comparison of cranioscopic and craniometric dam

pp. 81-88

Ethnos and Culture

Tadjikistan: A traditional society on postindustrial world

pp. 89-96

Kirghizia: social consequences of agrarian overcrowding

pp. 96-106

Religious beliefs and rituals

«Chymyr», a Teleut exorcizm ritual (new data)

pp. 107-114

Totemism among the Haida, Tlingit, and Zimshian

pp. 115-125

Ethnic Minorities

USA: «The disappearing American Jew»? Integration or assimilation?

pp. 126-137

The Assyrian community in Moscow in 1918—early 1920 s.

pp. 137-144

History of the Science

Nikolai Iosifovich Vorobiov. (To the Centenary of his birghday)

pp. 145-151

A. M. Ladyzhenskii as the student of common law among the peoples of the Northern Caucasus

pp. 152-156

Methodology of ethnological study of law

pp. 157-165


G. E. Markov. Sketches on the History of the German Science of Peoples. Pt. I—II

pp. 166-169

N. N. Kulakova. The Haitians: Formation of Ethnicity (Colonial Epoch)

pp. 169-170

A. G. Danilin. Burkhanism. From the History of a National Liberation Movement

pp. 171-173


A. K. Pisarchik

pp. 174-175