Number 6, 1994

Reflections on the Development of Ethnological Knowledge

On the Difference Between ad veritatem and ad hominem Argumentation, on Some Episodes of My Scholarly Career and the History of the Soviet Ethnography and Once More on the Book by N. M. Girenko «Sociology of a Tribe»

pp. 3-19

Theoretical Issues and Research Methodology

Polemical Problems of the Anthropogenesis Theory

pp. 20-35

The Man sand Ethnicity

pp. 35-49

Study of the Mass Consciousness Stereotypes by Psychosemantic Methods (the case of Georgian phraseology)

pp. 50-61

Ethnic Groups and Cutures

On the Problem of the Social Organization of the Polinesians

pp. 62-68

Matrilinearity in Patrilineal Society? The Cases of Kinship System Change Among the Mongols

pp. 68-77

The Flower of Suffering. On the Symbolical Meaning of the Word «Lale» in Turkish- Persian Mystic Poetry

pp. 77-87

Sufic Symbolism and Folk Beliefs (a commentary to the article of L I. Melikova)

pp. 88-91

Shamanic Zikr in the Underground Chamber of Muzlumkhan-sulu

pp. 91-96

The Mythological Ideas of the Russian People at Present and in the Past (Russian Folktales and the Stories About UFO)

pp. 97-110

Some Features of the Mermaid Image in the Eastern Slav Folklore

pp. 111-121

To the Interpretation of the «Pagan Days»

pp. 122-129

The History of Etnography

M. T. Markelov and Ethnographic Studies of the Finno-Ugric Peoples

pp. 130-138

The Embroidery by the Mari People

pp. 138-143

V. V. Passek and His «Ocherki Rossii»

pp. 144-149

News from Museums

News from the Ethnographical Cabinet of the Institute for Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Science

pp. 150-155


The Ethnography of a Peasant Household

pp. 156-159

Modernity and the Meanings of Traditionalism

pp. 160-163


The Russian Usurpers

pp. 164-165

Our Anniversaries

N. A. Butinov. To the Eightieth Anniversary

pp. 166

K. V. Chistov. To the Seventy Fifth Anniversary

pp. 167-168


B. V. Andrianov

pp. 169-170

Index for 1994

pp. 171-174