Number 3, 1994

The Twentieth Century: Ethnicity, Society, State

Reliability Test of the Russian New Political Consciousness (ethnosociological research)

pp. 3-17

Contemporary Middle Ob’ Selkups: Some Ethnopsychological Aspects

pp. 18-21

Ethnic Identity of the Chulym Turks in mid-1980s

pp. 22-31

Notes on the Uighur Ethnic Identity

pp. 31-40

Hong Ethnic Identity as Classificatory Criterium of the Yao Sub-Groups

pp. 41-50

Ethnogenesis and Ethnic History

Paleoanthropology of North Ossetia: to the Problem of Ossetians Genesis

pp. 51-62

Medieval Population of the North Ossetia (The Upper Koban cemetery data)

pp. 62-68

Siberian Tatars Ethnogenesis (inference from onomastical data)

pp. 69-75

From the History of the Mordovian-Turkic Relations

pp. 75-86

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by PhD (History) S. B. Rozhdestvenskaya (to the Seventieth Anniversary)

pp. 87-89

The History of Ethnography

The Rumyantsev’s Group and the Beginnings of Ethnographic Science in Russia

pp. 90-104

The Creative Biography of Gnat Khotkevich

pp. 104-110

Our Predecessors on the Tasks of Ethnography

Old Ideas in New Interpretation

pp. 111-113

To the Problem of Ethnoses and Statehood in Russia

pp. 113-118

Evolution of the Ethnic Culture Forms

Reconstruction of the Traditional Folk Costumes of the Yugoslavian Peoples in the First Half of the XIX Century (on the archival data from the archive of 1.1. Sreznevskii)

pp. 119-131

Portrait of a Scholar

Nikolai Mikhailovich Matorin. An Attempt at a Portrait of a Scholar in the Context of Time. The List of N. M. Matorin’s Works

pp. 132-155

A Programme for Ethnographic and Folklore Data Collection

pp. 155-159

Congresses, Conferences, Symposia

13 International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences

pp. 160-167


The Udmurts. Ethnohistorical Essays

pp. 168-170

The Shaman: Personality, Functions, Worldview. Lower Amur Peoples

pp. 170-173

A Reply: To the Problem of «Being Chosen* in Religion (On the Sexual Chosenness in Shamanism)

pp. 174-175