Number 2, 1994

Ethnological Theory

Paradigmatics of Ethnological Knowledge

pp. 3-17

The 20th Century: Ethnicity, Society, State

Sovereign Statehood and National Self-Determination

pp. 18-26

Tok Pisin: The Current Situation and Future Prospects

pp. 27-34

The Phenomenon of Ethnic Self-Consciousness

State Ideology Influence on Minority Activism (the Case of the Meskhetian Turks)

pp. 35-40

Southeast Europe as an Ethno-Historical Province and Its Ecocultural Types

pp. 41-57


New Religions of Japan

pp. 58-70

Russian Orthodox Church In America

pp. 70-77

«The Third» Gender

pp. 77-89

Before the Sacred Became Theological

pp. 89-98

Contemporary Reformist Vedic Doctrine in India

pp. 98-106

The Ethnology of Religion and Folk Ritual

pp. 107-110

In the Eyes of Ethnologist

This Multifarious India (field notes)

pp. 111-123

Our Predecessors on the Tasks of Ethnography

On Ethnographic Study of the Russian People (Part II)

pp. 124-139


In Memoriam of D. A. Olderogge (On the Ninetieth Anniversary)

pp. 140-145

The Chair of Ethnography at the Historical Department of the Moscow University at the Beginning of the Fifties: N. N. Cheboksarov

pp. 146-152

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by PhD V. I. Kozlov

pp. 153-154



pp. 155-161


On Two- and Multidimensional Thinking (Response to Perplexity of an Angry Critic)

pp. 162-166


Germans in Siberia: Culture and History

pp. 167-168

On Cooperation of the Institute for Ethnology and Anthropology with the Museum «New Jerusalem»

pp. 169


D. V. Zygankin. Memory of the Land

pp. 170-171

E. A. Revunenkova. Myth — Ritual — Religion

pp. 171-172

Rereading Cultural Anthropology

pp. 172-175