Number 4, 1994

Reflexions on the Development of Ethnological Knowledge

The Epistemology of Ethnology

pp. 3-15

The Twentieth Century: Ethnicity, Society, State

Ethnos and the State in Tropical Africa (the case of Guinea)

pp. 16-26

The Komi-Permyaks: Survival of a People

pp. 26-35

Ethnogenesis and Ethnic History

The Seljuk-Anatolian Origins of the Gagauzes

pp. 36-43

Ethnos and Culture

The Evolution of the Traditional leadership among the Kabardinials

pp. 44-53

The Folk Calendar of the Eastern Slavs: Time Perception Through the Calendar Agiography

pp. 53-65

A Comparative Analysis of Russian divination and sorcety folklore

pp. 66-75

The Severnaya Dvina Epic Tradition

pp. 75-88

History of Ethnography

Alexandr Nikolayevich Pypin and His Place in Russian Historiography

pp. 89-93

What is Ethnography?

pp. 93-100

Origin and Institutionalization of «Völkerkunde» (1771-1843)

pp. 101-109

Piotr Fyodorovich Preobrazhensky (to the Centennial of a Scholar)

pp. 110-119

Frederica De Laguna’s Contribution to the Study of the Alaska Native Population

pp. 120-125

Scientific Life

Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAN in 1994: Annual Report

pp. 126-133

Transactions of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAN Published in 1994

pp. 133-136

Conferences, Symposia

Regional Problems of the Interethnic Relations in Russia

pp. 137-139

Hunters and Gatherers at the End of the XXth Century (based on the materials of the 7th International Congress on Traditional Cultures of Hunters and Gatherers)

pp. 140-144


Family Life of the Peoples of America (ed. by Sh. A. Bogina)

pp. 145-151

N. M. Kradin. Nomad Societies

pp. 151-155


V. I. Vassiliev

pp. 156

List of Works by V. I. Vassiliev

pp. 157-159