Number 5, 1994

To the International Year of the Family Woman in Reality and Representation

The Russian Woman in Family and Society of the X—XXth Centuries (stages of history)

pp. 3-15

Maternity: Its World and Mythology (feminine traditions and folklore in St.-Petersburgh of the 1990s)

pp. 15-27

Commentary to the Article of T. B. Schepanskaya

pp. 28-34

Woman in Chechen Ethics (essay on Circassian mentality)

pp. 34-44

Gender Stereotypes in Russia: An American Ethnographer’s View

pp. 44-52

Feminism and Problems of Peace and War in American Scholarly Writing

pp. 52-63

The Twentieth Century: Ethnicity, Society, State

The Main Problems of the Socio-Demographical Development and Employment of Northern Natives Peoples

pp. 64-76

Conflict, Symbiosis and Isolation. Ethnic Relations in the Polish Part of the Carpathian Regionе

pp. 76-87

The Population Demographic Structure and Decision to Migrate

pp. 87-92

Ethnos and Culture

The Komi Settlement of the Eastern Urals Region

pp. 93-103

The Snow Fortress («Gorodok») Siege (Folk Russian Games of the Winter Cycle)

pp. 103-115

The Structure of the Written Sources and Semantics of Ethnic Signs («Ulichi» and «Tivertsy»)

pp. 115-123

On some Problems of Ethnolinguistics

pp. 123-133

On the Name of the River Volga

pp. 133-139

History of Ethnography

The Life and Thought of Alexander Nikiforov ( 1893—1941)

pp. 140-153

Scientific Life

IEA Specialized Learned Council for the Defence of Doctor’s Theses in 1993

pp. 154-160

International Comparative Research «Cultural Ecology of Small Children»

pp. 161-165

Conferences, Symposia

Preparation of Series «Narody and Cultury»

pp. 166-169

The International Conference «Religion in Everyday Life: Past and Present»

pp. 169-172

The Conference at the Russian Ethnographic Museum

pp. 173-174

Research training of the Zocal History and Geography Museums at the Russian Ethnographic museum

pp. 174


The Turks of the Taiga Gulym Region

pp. 175-179

N. F. Mokshin. The Mordovians in the Eyes of Foreign and Russian Travellers

pp. 179-181

The Astrakhan Tartars

pp. 181-183

Pastoralism in the Levant. Archaelogical materials in Anthropological Perspectives

pp. 183-185

Новый журнал («Вестник Еврейского университета в Москве»)

pp. 185-186


V. A. Alexandrov

pp. 187-190