Number 5, 1999

To the Centenary of S.A. Tokarev's Birth

… The life-lasts longer than a Century (Jubilant notes and not very…)

pp. 3-15

Turning the pages of S.A. Tokarev’s works on the origins and early forms of religion

pp. 16-24

On sacrifices

pp. 24-35

Fire symbolism in the history of culture

pp. 36-42

Funeral rites, their meaning and origins

pp. 42-47

Ethnos and Culture

Maternity in the latest sociological, philosophical and psychological concepts

pp. 48-59

Russia: The 20th century orthodox religiousity trends (statistics and reality)

pp. 59-69

Bulgarians of the Transcarpathians

pp. 70-81

Ethnos, Society, State

Ethnic processes in the Western Balkans

pp. 82-97

Common law in the Russian village and State legislature in the secod half of the 19th century

pp. 97-109

New ethnic identities formation among the Turks of the south of Western Siberia in the 1980s – first half of the 1990s (the example of Bachat Teleuts)

pp. 109-128

Problems of integration of immigrants from Turkey and Pakistan in Denmark

pp. 128-143

From the Unpublished

Report of the Turufhansk statistical expedition (May I5th – Dec. 31th 1926)

pp. 144-159

Conferences and Seminars

Conference on the ethnic history of the Turkic peoples of Siberia and adjacent territorie

pp. 160-163

5th All-Russia symposium on the problems of Indianistics

pp. 163-165


Ю.М. Иванов. От первобытности к цивилизации (критика марксистской схемы). М., 1998 (Yu.M. Ivanov. From Savagery to Civilization (a antique of the Marxist scheme). Moscow. 1998)

pp. 166-168

Репрессированные этнографы. Вып. 1. M., 1998 (Repressed Ethnographers. Moscow, V. 1. 1998)

pp. 169-172

Handbook of North American Indians. V. 12. Plateau. Washington, 1998

pp. 172-175

Y. Fisch. Tödliche Rituale: Die Indische Witwenverbrennung und andere Formen der Totenfolge. Frankfurt/M.; New York. 1999

pp. 175-177

А.В. Пименов. Возвращение к дхарме. М., 1999 (A.V. Pimenov. Return to Dliarma. Moscow, 1998)

pp. 177-180

С.Н. Жемухов. Мировоззрение Хан-Гирея. Нальчик, 1997

pp. 180-180


List of main works by K.V. Chistov

pp. 183-184

List of main works by Yu.l. Semenov

pp. 184-185


To the memory of L.M. Saburova

pp. 186-190