Number 6, 1999

Theory and methodology

Ethnological Thinking and Field Work

pp. 3-15

Ethnos and culture

Traditional Systems of Rural Settlement in Karelia

pp. 16-33

Mythological Ethnogeography of Eastern Europe: Herodotus, Pseudo-Zaharias, Nestor

pp. 33-41

On the Question of Nearness of the Clan-Tribal Composition-af the Nogai and the Peoples Related to Them

pp. 41-52

Contemporary Onomastic Situation in Mordovia

pp. 52-56

On the Issue of Wine Making in Thrace in the Early Centuries. A.D.

pp. 57-68

Ethnos, Society and the State

The Place of Their Mother-‘I ongue of the Russian-language Youth in the Intergration Processes of Latvia

pp. 69-74

Ethnoarchaeological Studies

Ethnoarchaeology as a Scientific Trend

pp. 75-84

From History of Science

Sources of Historico-Ethnographical Data on the Karakalpaks in Russia of the 19th Century

pp. 85-103

Yakut Correspondence (to the 80th Anniversary of I.S. Gourvich)

pp. 104-118

60th Anniversary of the Chair of Ethnology of the Historical Department of Moscow State University

pp. 119-129

Conferences and Seminars

8th International Congress of the «Societies of Hunters and Gatherers»

pp. 130-134


Образование, быт и нравы греков Ставрополья: Материалы и документы 60-90-х годов XIX в. Пятигорск, 1998 / Education, Daily Life, Manners and Ways of the Greeks of Stavropol Area: Materials and Documents of the 1860s-90s. Pyatigorks, 1998/; Понтийские греки. Краснодар, 1997 / Pontus Greeks. Krasnodar, 1997

pp. 135-139


List of Main Works by T.A. Zhdanko

pp. 140-145

List of Main Works by E.L. Nitoburg

pp. 146-147


To the Memory of A.G. Bulatova

pp. 148-152

To the Memory of A.S. Morozova

pp. 153-155

Index of Articles and Materials Published in 1999

pp. 156-159