Number 2, 2003

Theoretical Issues

«One’s Own Among the Others, the Other Among One’s Own» (ethnographic reflections on the short story by Andrey Volos «One’s Own»)

pp. 3-25

Anthropology: Styles, Genres, and Methods (comments to the article by S.N. Abashin)

pp. 26-34

Ethnos and Culture

The Formation of the Russian Agriculture in the Trans-Urals in XVI-XVIII cc.: Peasants and Power

pp. 35-49

Tuqli-Baba Shashly-adje – the sacred site (aulia) of the Astrakhan Moslems

pp. 50-61

From the History of the Mongol State Symbolics

pp. 62-68

The Numerical Code in Mythological Narratives of the North Pacific Cultures

pp. 68-96

Ethnic Designations Among Algonkian Population of Quebec-Labrador

pp. 97-109


Towards Anthropological Characteristics of the Southern Udmurts

pp. 110-125

The Portrait of a Scholar

Two Lives of Iosif Romualdovich Grigulevich (towards the 90th Anniversary)

pp. 126-135


The Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of the Centre for Ethnological Studies, Ufa Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (a historical account)

pp. 136-150


«Bio-Bibliographical Dictionary of the Russian Ethnologists and Anthropologists of the XXth с.» What it should be?

pp. 151-154

The Fifth Siberian Readings «Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Siberia and the North»

pp. 155-159

Basilovskie Readings-2003

pp. 159-160

International Experts’ Seminar «Education in the Spirit of the International Dialogue and Tolerance; Protection of the Social-Economic Rights of Children in the Caucasus: Contribution to the Frbnn Conflict Resolution, Prophylactics of Extremism and Pece-Building (norms, reality, and perspectives)»

pp. 161-162

Book Reviews

Е.А. Алексеенко. Мифы, предания, сказки кетов / Сер. «Сказки и мифы народов Востока». М., 2001 (Е.А. Аlеksееnkо Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales of the Kets /Fairy Tales and Myths of the Peoples of the Eas serses. Moscow. 2001)

pp. 163-165

А.С.Петриковская. Российское эхо в культуре Австралии (XIX – первая половина XX века). М., 2003 (A.S. Petrikovskaia. Russian Echo in the Culture of Australia. XIXth — first half of the XX-th cc. Moscow, 2002)

pp. 166-169

Ценные исследования по этноархитектуре (о трудах С.О. Хан-Магомедова, посвященных зодчеству народов Южного Дагестана) (Valuable Works On The Ethnic Architecture of Southern Daghestan. On Publications of S.O. Khan-Magoneor)

pp. 169-172