Number 3, 2003

Theoretical Issues

Ethnicity and Ethnos

pp. 3-24

Ethnos and Culture

Ethnography of the Taz Nenets

pp. 25-41

Economic Status of the State Peasants during the XVIIth-XVIIIth cc.

pp. 42-52

Milk-White Horses in the Heroic Epos of the Taiga Hunters, Fishers, and Gatherers

pp. 53-60

Without Faith or Hope… (on the revival of traditional magic practices)

pp. 60-83

The Devil in Altiplano: Beyond Good and Evil

pp. 84-99

Portrait of a Scholar

Sergei Mikhailovich Shirokogorov

pp. 100-119


The Museums of Urban Everyday Life in Tampere (Finland)

pp. 120-123


List of Major Works by Vladimir Emelianovich Vladykin

pp. 124-125


The Work of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology in 2002

pp. 126-141

«Who Owns Siberian Ethnography?» Reflections on international seminar on methodology and ethics of North Siberia ethnographic research

pp. 141-148

International Conference «Ethnic Culture: Traditions and Innovations»

pp. 149-151

Book Reviews

Народы и культуры Томско-Нарымского Приобья: Материалы к энциклопедии Томской области / Отв. ред. Э.И.Черняк. Томск, 2001 (Peoples and Cultures of the Middle Ob’: Materials for the Encyclopedia of the Tomsk Region. Tomsk, 2001)

pp. 152-155

Среднеазиатский этнографический сборник. Вып.IV. М., 2001 (A Central Asian Ethnographic articles Collection. Vol. IV. Moscow, 2001)

pp. 155-161

Расы и народы. Современные этнические и расовые проблемы. Ежегодник. Вып.27. М., 2001 (Races and Peoples. Vol. 27. Contemporary Ethnic and Race Problems. Moscow, 2001)

pp. 162-166

R.L.López Valdés. Africanos de Cuba. San Juan de Puerto Rico, 2003

pp. 166-167

N.Goodrick-Clarke. Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity. N.Y., 2003

pp. 168-172

In Memoriam

Sof’ia Borisovna Rozhdestvenskaia

pp. 173-174