Number 6, 2002

Ethnos and Culture

The South-Asian Element in Ethnic Mosaic of Multi-Cultural Canada

pp. 3-17

«Orinoko lluslrado у Defendido» by J. Gumilla as an Ethnographic Source

pp. 17-28

Calendar Motives in Kholmogor Ritual Pastry

pp. 28-37

Towards the Image of a Swan in the Kazakh Shamanism

pp. 38-44

Serpents in the Ritual Systems of Various Peoples

pp. 45-60

Ethnоs, Society, State

Contemporary Religious Situation in Daghestan (the Process of Moslem Revival)

pp. 61-68

Jews in Moscow: a Demographic Account (XVth – mid-XXth cc.)

pp. 68-85

History of the Discipline

The History of Anthropology

pp. 86-96

The History of «The History of Anthropology» by Franz Boas

pp. 96-108

Georgiy Alexeevich Menovschikov (Towards the Ninetieth Anniversary)

pp. 109-117


Chronology of Events at the Russian Ethnographical Museum, 1980-2000

pp. 118-133


International Inter-Disciplinary Symposium «Ecology and Traditional Magic Knowledge»

pp. 134-147

A Seminar «Folk Culture of Siberia»

pp. 148-153

International Conference «Peoples and Cultures of the Far East: A View from the XXI Century», towards the 140-year Anniversary of L.Ya. Sternberg

pp. 153-157

Session on the Results of IEA RAS Field Research

pp. 157-162

Book Reviews

Чеченская демодернизация как урок истории. Рец. на: В.А. Тишков. Общество в вооруженном конфликте (этнография чеченской войны). М., 2002 (Chechen De-Modernization as а Lesson of History. Review of the book by V.A. Tishkov. Society in an Armed Conflict: an Ethnography of the Chechen War. Moscow, 2001)

pp. 163-167

И.А. Калужская. Палеобалканские реликты в современных балканских языках. М., 2002 (L.A. Kaluzhskaya. Palco-Balkan Relicts in Modern Balkan Languages. Moscow, 2001)

pp. 167-172

Gender in Amazonia and Melanesia. An Exploration of the Comparative Method. Berkeley; Los Angeles; London, 2002

pp. 172-177

Русский фольклор: Библиографический указатель. 1991-1995. СПб., 2002 (A Review of the Bibliographical Index «Russian Folklore»)

pp. 177-179

American Folk Culture and Identity. Bloomington; Indianapolis, 2002

pp. 179-183

О.И. Брусина. Славяне в Средней Азии. Этнические и социальные процессы. Конец XIX – начало XX вв. М., 2002 (O.I. Brusina. Slavs in Central Asia: Ethnic and Social Processes. End of the XIXth – Beginning of the XXth cc.)

pp. 184-188