Number 4, 2002

Ethnos and Culture

The Idea of «a Border» by the Don Cossaks

pp. 3-13

Seniority in Social Organisation of the Adyge Peoples

pp. 14-24

Social Seniority in Traditional Society (comments to the article of B.H. Bgazhnokov)

pp. 25-28

The Images of Word in Nenets Folklore

pp. 28-38

Traditions and Symbols in the «Conquest» of Sacred Space: the Chuvash Kiremet’ in the Past and Present

pp. 39-65

Magic in Central Asian Traditional Islam

pp. 65-82

Tajik Clothing for Children and Related Rituals

pp. 83-88

Manipuri (on one of the Indian dancing styles)

pp. 88-99

Ethnоs, Sоciety, State

Islam and Priesthood in the Nogai Horde of the XVth – XVIIth cc.

pp. 100-111

Status Symbols in Bukhara Emirate in the XIXth Century

pp. 111-121

Namibian Germans on Themselves and Their Future

pp. 121-126

Slavic Labour Emigration from the Russian Empire to Canada at the Beginning of the XXth Century

pp. 126-139

Orthodoxy as an Ideological Basis of the Russia Nation

pp. 139-148


International Conference «World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance»

pp. 149-155

International Conference «Slavic NGOs in Transcaucasus: History, Problems, Perspectives»

pp. 155-158

Basilov’s Readings – 2001

pp. 158-159

V.A. Aleksandrov’s Eightieth Anniversary Session

pp. 160-162

International Summer School on Legal Anthropology in Pushkin (St.-Petersburg)

pp. 162-164

Book Reviews

O.B. Чернышова. Шведский характер в русском восприятии (по свидетельствам XIX-XX вв.). М.. 2000 (O.V. Chernyshova. Swedish Character in Russian Apprehension from the Sources of the XIXth – XXth cc. Moscow, 2000)

pp. 165-168

Lev Shternberg. The Social Organization of the Giluak // Ser. “Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History”. 1999. №82

pp. 168-170

Население Нового Света: проблемы формирования и социокультурного развития. М.. 1999 (Population of the New World: Problems of Formation and Socio-Cultural Development. Moscow, 1999)

pp. 170-172


V.E. Gusev

pp. 173-174