Number 1, 2022

Special Theme of the Issue

Technocultures of Mobilities: Ethics, Testing, and Bodies of Self-Driving Cars

(guest editor A.G. Kuznetsov)

Anthropomorphing and “Self-Driving” Automobility

[Аntropomorfirovanie i “bespilotnaia” avtomobil’nost’]

pp. 5–8

Symmetrical Anthropology of Technologies: From Cultures to Collectives of Mobilities in the Description of “Self-Driving Cars”

pp. 9–29

The Symmetrical Anthropology of Testing Autonomous Vehicles

[Simmetrichnaia antropologiia testirovaniia bespilotnykh avtomobilei]

pp. 30–48

Affectation, Articulations, Learning: Towards Technoanthropological Symmetrization of Drivers and AVs Bodies

pp. 49–67

How Ethical Issues are Dealt with in Russian Public Discourse on Autonomous Vehicles

pp. 68–83

Archival Research

Obscure Pages of the Eurasianist Movement: The Correspondence of P.N. Savitsky with N.I. Kareyev

[Maloizvestnye stranitsy evraziiskogo dvizheniia: perepiska P.N. Savitskogo s N.I. Kareevym]

pp. 84–102


Aspects of the Traditional Culture of the Samara Povolzhie Mordovians

[Nekotorye osobennosti traditsionnoi kul’tury mordvy Samarskogo Povolzh’ia]

pp. 103–119

On the Traditional Culture of Mordovians: Comments

[O traditsionnoi kul’ture mordvy: kommentarii]

pp. 120–138

Folklore and Mythology Studies

Watercourse, Calibasa, Girl: A New African Fairy-Tale Type “The Drowned Girl”

[Vodoem. Kalebasa. Devushka. Novyi afrikanskii skazochnyi siuzhet “utoplennitsa”]

pp. 139–157

Horse in Religious and Mythological Beliefs of the Udmurts

[Kon’ v religioznomifologicheskikh predstavleniiakh udmurtov]

pp. 158–177

Geography and Semantics of the Rituals Named Zavivat’ (Zalivat’) Ovin in the Wedding Rite of the Don Cossacks

[Geografiia i semantika ritualov zavivaniia (zalivaniia) ovina v svadebnom obriade donskikh kazakov]

pp. 178–197

Minamoto no Yoshitsune and the Matsumae Samurai: Demons or Deities of the Ainu (Studying the Ainu Folklore)

[Minamoto-no Esitsune i samurai Matsumae: demony ili bozhestva ainov (po materialam ainskogo fol’klora)]

pp. 198–212

Visual Anthropology

Kino i etnografiia: kontseptsiia Nikolaia Yakovleva

[Cinematography and Ethnography: The Concept of Nikolai Yakovlev]

pp. 213–230

Book Reviews and Critiques

Sacred Repasts in the Paradigm of Anthropology [Sakral’naia trapeza v paradigme antropologii]: A Review of Il Sacro pasto. Le tavole degli uomini e degli dei, edited by I.E. Buttitta and S. Mannia

pp. 231–236

On the Unique Cultural Features of the Northern Urbanity [K voprosu o kul’turnoi spetsifike severnykh gorodov]: A Review of Antropologiia goroda [Urban Anthropology]. Vol. 2, Severnyi gorod: kul’turnoe prostranstvo i kul’turnye identichnosti v arkticheskikh i subarkticheskikh gorodakh [The Northern City: The Cultural Space and Cultural Identities in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Cities], edited by Yu.P. Shabaev, I.L. Zherebtsov, and M.A. Omarov

pp. 237–242