Number 6, 2021

Special Theme of the Issue

The Coronavirus Challenge to Society and the Reaction of Social and Medical Anthropologists

(guest editor – D.V. Mikhel)

COVID-19 and the Reaction of Anthropologists

[COVID-19 i reaktsiia antropologov]

pp. 5–7

Newslore: The COVID-19 Pandemic in TikTok’s Representations

[N’iuslor: pandemiia COVID-19 v reprezentatsiiakh “TikTok”]

pp. 8–21

Assessment of Personal Freedom and Responsibility by Female Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Safety Culture

[Otsenka lichnoi svobody i otvetstvennosti studentkami v period pandemii COVID-19 i kul’tura bezopasnosti]

pp. 22–38

Partnered Childbirth and Individual Care Providers in COVID-19 Conditions: Power Decisions, Practices and Discourses

[Partnerskie rody i individual’nye soprovozhdeniia v usloviiakh COVID-19: vlastnye resheniia, praktiki i diskursy]

pp. 39–61

Intellectual Community Discusses the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Coronavirus Debate as a New Cultural Phenomenon

[Intellektualy obsuzhdaiut pandemiiu COVID-19: diskussii o koronaviruse kak novoe kul’turnoe yavlenie]

pp. 62–80


The Anthropology of Time: History and the State of the Art

[Antropologiia vremeni: ocherk istorii i sovremennosti]

pp. 81–101

Reflections on the “Anthropology of Time” and Regimes of Temporalities: Discussion Forum

[Razmyshleniia ob “antropologii vremeni” i rezhimakh temporal’nosti: repliki k diskussii]

pp. 102–126

Response to Commenters

[Otvet opponentam]

pp. 127–131

Minority Studies

Russian Germans in the Information Space: Traditional and New Media

[Rossiiskie nemtsy v informatsionnom prostranstve: traditsionnye i novye media]

pp. 132–145

State, Community, and Identity Borders – Challenges for Research on Russians, Ukrainians, and Ruthenians in the Republic of Croatia

[Granitsy gosudarstv, soobshchestv i identichnostei: izuchenie russkikh, ukraintsev i rusinov v Respublike Khorvatii]

pp. 146–164

Review Articles

Approaches and Methods for Studying Human Proxemic Behavior: An Analytical Review

[Podkhody i metody v izuchenii proksemicheskogo povedeniia cheloveka: analiticheskii obzor]

pp. 165–188

Book Reviews and Critiques

On Destinies of the Humanity and the COVID-19 Pandemic [O sud’bakh chelovechestva i pandemii COVID-19]: A Review of the La Voce Column, by G. Agamben

pp. 189–194

Primate Nature, Human Culture, and Observers Observed [Obeziania natura, chelovecheskaia kul’tura i nabliudenie za nabliudateliami]: A Review of Chimpanzee Culture Wars: Rethinking Human Nature Alongside Japanese, European, and American Cultural Primatologists, by N. Langlitz

pp. 195–198

Evolution of Human Behavior and Society: Some Reflections on the Book by M.L. Butovskaya and V.V. Rostovtseva [Evoliutsiia povedeniia cheloveka i evoliutsiia obshchestva: nekotorye razmyshleniia v sviazi s knigoi M.L. Butovskoi i V.V. Rostovtsevoi]: A Review of Evolution of Altruism and Cooperation: A Biosocial Perspective [Evoliutsiia al’truizma i kooperatsii cheloveka: biosotsial’naia perspektiva], by M.L. Butovskaya and V.V. Rostovtseva

pp. 199–204

In memoriam

Igor Viktorovich Chininov (05.11.1974 – 19.06.2021)

pp. 205–208