Number 5, 1998

Theory Questions

Forget a nation: post-nationalist understanding of nationalism

pp. 3-26

Ethnos and Culture

Ethnocultural History of South Russia Population

pp. 27-44

Ethnonims and Confessionims of Russian Population in Romania

pp. 44-55

Funeral Ceremony of Chief of Burma Buddhist Monastic Community

pp. 56-62

Towards the problem of Chukotski Peninsula Ancient Marine Hunters Harpoon Complex

pp. 62-67

«Winged Articles» of Ekven Burial Appropriateness of Decorative Design and Constructive Structure

pp. 67-82

Ethnos, Society, State

Ethnoecological Refugium: Native Peoples of North Traditional Culture and Environment Maintaining Conception

pp. 83-94

The Movement of Meskhetians for Repatriation (1956-1988)

pp. 95-108

Beginning Establishing of «Joint Settlements» on Kodiak Island in Russian America (1839-1842)

pp. 108-123

Scientific Life

Scientific Conference M.M. Gerasimov in Memorial (Towards 90-years Jubilee)

pp. 124-129

IV International Scientific Conference «Russia and the Orient: Problems of Communication»

pp. 129-132

Reviews and Surveys

A.M. Кhasanоv. After the USSR: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Politics in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Madison, 1995; V.A. Tishkоv. Ethnicity, Nationalism and Conflict in and after the Soviet Union: the Mind Aflame. L., 1997

pp. 133-145

K. Ylönen. Inkerin kirkon nousu kommunistivallan päätyttyä // Kirkon Tutkimuskeskus. Sarja A. No 70. Jyväskylä, 1998

pp. 145-148

F. Schneider. Mikloucho-Maclay und die heroische Ethnologie. Die Neuguinea-Tagebücher. Heusweiler, 1998

pp. 149-152


The List of Major Works of I.V. Zaharova

pp. 153-154

The List of Major Works of G.A. Sergeeva

pp. 154-157


V.N. Basilov in Memorial

pp. 158-159