Number 6, 1997

Theory and methodology

Traditions in the system of ethnos

pp. 3-13

850 years of Moscow

The ancient population of Moscow according to the anthropological and onomastic data

pp. 14-22

Moscow: from a frontier fortress to the capital of the Russian state

pp. 22-32

Moscow: peoples and religions

pp. 33-42

Ethnos and Culture

Historical legends of Lipovans

pp. 43-55

Marriage Rituals in the today South Korea Urban Settlements

pp. 55-62

One episode of the life of Saint-George

pp. 63-70

On the history of the Central Asian costume: Kirghizian beldemchi

pp. 70-83

Siberian Studies

The category of khut and its attributes by the Turkic peoples of Siberia and Central Asia

pp. 84-92

Kazakhs of Altai. History and the modem period

pp. 92-102


Volga-river in the cultural tradition of the East European peoples

pp. 103-108

History of Science In commemoration of M.M. Gerasimov

The Analysis of Tissue and the Facial Reconstruction of the Scythian Woman, V с. B.C.

pp. 109-115

Russian School of Scull Reconstruction

pp. 115-120

Scientific Life

Joint Session of the Commitee of the Russian Federation State Duma on the Nationalities Affairs and the Scientific Counsil of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology

pp. 121-128

The Conference «Ethnographic Studies of the Russian North-West

pp. 128-130


The Peoples of Siberia and Far North in the Series «Studies in Applied Ethnology»

pp. 131-138

Т.П. Роон. Уйльта Сахалина. Историко-этнографическое исследование традиционного хозяйства и материальной культуры XVIII – сер. XX в. Южно-Сахалинск, 1997

pp. 138-141

R. Brubaker. Nationalism reframed. Nationhood and the national question in the New Europe. Cambridge Univ. Press, 1997

pp. 141-145

И.Л. Бабич. Народные традиции кабардинцев в общественном быту. М., 1995

pp. 145-146

Календарь в культуре народов мира. М., 1993

pp. 147-148


Major works of A.M. Reshetov

pp. 149-151

New publications of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology

pp. 152-154

Index for 1997

pp. 155-158