Number 5, 1997

Theory Problems

What is «Shamanism?»

pp. 3-16

«Minions of Ghosts», «Succeed to Magician», «Initiated by Teachers» and Finding of Magical-Mystic Properties, Knowledge and Skills

pp. 16-35

Selkup Shamans’ Categories

pp. 36-45

Moscow is 850

Seven Council Religious Procession Organization in Moscow in 16th c.

pp. 46-60

Folk Motives about the Foundation of Moscow in Novels of 17th c.

pp. 60-64

Ethnos and Culture

Towards Early Farming Cultures and Food Traditions

pp. 65-76

Economical Year of Modern Kirghizian Stock-Breeders

pp. 76-88

Russian Peasants’ Anthropo-cosmic Ideas: The Spiridona Povorota Day

pp. 89-101

Urban Features in Russian Pomor Culture

pp. 102-114

Indigenous Siberian Population Religious Beliefs Information in Russian Literary-Historical Works of 17 c.

pp. 114-121

Traditional Treatment Methods of Siberian Tatar

pp. 122-131

Ethnos, Society, State

Islam and Soviet Legacy in collective farms of North-West Daghestan

pp. 132-142

Russians in the Baltic Countries and in Central Asia. Rights and Social Potentialities

pp. 142-156

The Problem of Religious Belonging in the Censuses of Population of Russia and the USSR

pp. 156-161

Political Leaders Speak about the Nationalities Question

The interview with the Chaiman of CEC of KPRF, the leader of KPRF fraction in State Duma G.A. Zyuganov

pp. 162-164

The interview with the Vise-Chairman of CEC KPRF, the deputy of State Duma A.A. Shabanov

pp. 165-169


С.В. Чешко. Распад Советского Союза. Этнополитический анализ. М., 1997

pp. 170-179

Е.А. Окладникова. Модель Вселенной в системе образов наскального искусства тихоокеанского побережья Северной Америки

pp. 179-187


Major works of N.V. Novikov

pp. 188-189

Our Letters

Letter to the Edirorial Board

pp. 190-191