Number 2, 1998

Theory Problems

Subject of Ethnography (Ethnology) and its principal Scientific disciplines

pp. 3-17

Traditions of Russian Ethnography

pp. 18-45

Ethnos and Culture

Ents Ethnic Process

pp. 46-57

«Gurdjak Oiny» – the Cult Fertility Dance

pp. 57-67

From Georgian Agiography History: «King Luarsab’s Martyrdom» (ethnocultural aspect)

pp. 67-78

Carpet of the Russia’s peoples (late 19th-early 20th): Statistical research methods

pp. 79-89

Aginsk Buryat Saddle Handicraft

pp. 90-101

Mythology and Archaeology of Ancient Yamal

pp. 101-115

Ethnos, Society, State

The Dynamics of Kabarda Population Number (18th-a quater of 19th cc.)

pp. 116-126

Buryat Intelligence: Ethnic Self-Determination Dominants

pp. 126-139

Physical (Biological) Anthropology

Anthropological Specificity of the Uralic-Speaking Populations

pp. 140-150

Returns to the Viking Problem: (Burial Kurevanikha II)

pp. 150-156

History of Science

The New Hebrides (Vanuatu) Collection of V.M. Golovnin from MAE (to 220 years since seafarers’ birthday)

pp. 157-169

Scientific Life

Maklay’s readings 1997

pp. 170-171

International Conference on Ethnological Food Study

pp. 172-174

Ethnography, Art. Educationе

pp. 175

Reviews and Surveys

Lehtinen Ildiko. Tscheremissischer Schmuck. Ethnografische Untersuchung // Travaux ethnographiques de la Societe Finno-Ougrienne. 14 // Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura, Museovirasto. Helsinki, 1994

pp. 176-178

Г.Г. Тхагапсова. Народная медицина адыгов (историко-этнографический аспект). Майкоп, 1996

pp. 179-180

Е.В. Иванова. Очерки культуры тайцев Таиланда. М., 1996

pp. 180-183


Major Works of S.M. Demidov

pp. 184-186

Major Works of M.S. Mukanov

pp. 186


E.T. Karapetian

pp. 187-189