Number 4, 1998

Theory Questions

Ethnicity: in the Search of Paradigm

pp. 3-26

Culture and Ethnos

Towards the Question on Arian and Non-Arian Elements in Vedycal Culture

pp. 27-38

Tengry and Umay Imprint on Sulek Rock Paintings

pp. 39-53

Fertility Magi in Hunting Birds Cult in Central Asia and Kazakhstan

pp. 53-62

Nature Cults and its Parallels in Balkan Antiquities

pp. 63-69

Ritual Games with Transitional Semantic in Russian Traditional Culture

pp. 70-81

Taoist Mysteria of T’aichi Chuan: Practice of «Inside Work»

pp. 81-94

Keramat (A Group of Puppets in Malayan Leather Puppets Performances – «Vayang Kulit» – and Ancient Believes Connected with Them)

pp. 94-100

About Indentification and Attribution of Malacca Peninsula Exhibits from N.N. Miklouho-Maclay Collection at the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkammer)

pp. 100-110

«Unknown» Children (towards Characteristic of New-Born Child Image in Russian Traditional Culture)

pp. 110-122

Aggression and Reconciliation among School Juniors (Etological Analyses of Social Tension Control Mechanisms in Human Groups)

pp. 122-139

History of Science

Flight and Downfall of Theory – German Ethnology on Borderline of Centuries. Leo Frobenius

pp. 140-151

Towards 90-years of A.P. Оkladnikоv

Ethnography among Scientific Interests of A.P. Okladnikov

pp. 152-165

Okladnikov about Creative Basis of Art

pp. 165-171

Alexey Pavlovich Okladnikov. Towards Portrait of Scientist and Person

pp. 172-173

Scientific Life

International Scientific-Practical Conference «Ethnic Psichology and Society»

pp. 174-176

XIII Conference on Studying of History, Economy and Literature of Scandinavia Countries and Finland

pp. 177-178


И.В. Ильина. НАродная медицина коми. Сыктывкар, 1998

pp. 179-181

Мир африканской деревни (Динамика развития социальных структур и духовной культуры). М., 1998

pp. 182-184


The List of Major Works of G.E. Markov

pp. 185


T.G. Bayalieva

pp. 186-189