Number 6, 2000


Cultural (social) anthropology as a field of research and education

pp. 3-14

Foundations of humanistic ethnology

pp. 15-29

Ethnos and Culture

Use of metal in the cult practices of the Ob-river Ugrians

pp. 30-44

Biographies of the non-canonized 19th century’s zealots of piety as a source for-mass religious consciousness studies

pp. 45-56

Ethnos, Society, and the State

Ethnodemography as a mirror of Russia’s transformation

pp. 57-68

Ethnosocial problems in the Russian Federation

pp. 69-81

History of Science

From the diary on a student of the Caucasus. III. Students of the Caucasus: a few portraits

pp. 82-88

The time of revival of German ethnology (1950s -1960s). Practical research trends and theory

pp. 89-101

To the centenary of N.I. Gagen-Torn

pp. 101-103

Ritual towels of the peoples of the Volga-river area

pp. 103-117

Bardavelidze, Vera Vardenovna

pp. 118-122

Reminiscences about Prof. G.S. Chitaya, the patriarch of Georgian ethnology

pp. 123-127

Scholarly Life

3rd International Conference on the scientific heritage of B. Pilsudsky

pp. 128-134

Reviews and Surveys

Семь книг о народах Сибири (Sem’ knig o narodakh Sibiri)

pp. 135-140

Энциклопедия уральских мифологий. T. 1. Мифология коми. Москва, Сыктывкар, 1999 (Encyclopedia of Uralian mythologies. Vol. I. Komi mythology. Moscow, Syktyvkar, 1999)

pp. 140-142

Ю.В. Аргудясва. Крестьянская семья у восточных славян на юге Дальнего Востока России (50-е годы XIX – начало XX в.). М., 1997 (Yu.V. Argudyayeva. Peasant family among the Eastern Slavs in the south of the Far East of Russia (1850s – early 20l1′ century). L.N. Pushkarev (Moscow)

pp. 142-145

В.В. Есипов. Провинциальные споры в конце XX в. Вологда, 2000 (V.V. Esipov. Provincial debates in the late 20th century. Vologda, 1999)

pp. 145-146

И.Г. Косиков, Л.С. Косикова. Северный Кавказ. Социально-экономический справочник. М., 2000 (I.G. Коsikоv, L.S. Kоsikоva. North Caucasus. Socio-economic reference book. Moscow, 1999)

pp. 146-147

Our Jubilees

Anna Smolyk

pp. 148

Zoya Sokolova

pp. 148


Knorozov, Yrii Valentinovich

pp. 149-151

Rabinovich, Mikhail Grigorievich

pp. 152-154

Index of the articles and materials carried in the journal's issues of 2000

pp. 155-158