Number 1, 2001


Fortunes and misfortunes of the theory of ethnos. In memory of Yu.V. Bromley

pp. 3-22

Ecological function of religion

pp. 23-38

Ethnos and culture

Magic in the family daily life rites and rituals of the Shugnans

pp. 39-53

On the hidden meaning of the stone labyrinths in the Russian North

pp. 53-65

Land cultivation among the Balkars

pp. 66-79

Dwelling house construction and farmstead organization among the peoples of South-East Europe

pp. 79-90

Physical (biological) anthropology

New interpretation of the «Heidelberg Man’s» significance in the evolution of the genus Homo

pp. 91-111

Ethnos, society and the state

Anthropology of extreme groups. Relations of dominance among the enlisted personnel of the Russian Army

pp. 112-141

History of science

S.M. Abramzon – a student of Central Asian Kirghizes

pp. 142-148

Scholarly life

International seminar «Integration of archaeological and ethnographical studies»

pp. 149-153

4th All-Russia conference: «Russian question: history and the present»

pp. 154-157

Round table «Moscow Baltic sea area studies on the brink of the 21st century»

pp. 157-158


Очерки культурогенеза народов Западной Сибири. Т. 4. Расогенез коренного населения. Томск. 1998. (Essays on the cultural genesis of the peoples of West Siberia. Vol. 4. Racial genesis of the indigenous population. Tomsk, 1998)

pp. 159-161

И.В. Дубов. Залесский край. Эпоха раннего средневековья. Избранные труды. СПб., 1999. (I.V. Dubоv. Vladimir-Suzdal land. The early Middle Ages. Collected works. St.-Petersburg, 1999.)

pp. 161-164

Э.Г. Александренков. Стать кубинцем: проблемы формирования этнического самосознания (XVI-XIX вв.). М., 1998. (E.G. Alexandrenkov. How to become a Cuban: formative problems of ethnic consciousness (16th—19th centuries). Moscow, 1998)

pp. 164-165

Our anniversaries

List of main works of B.A. Kaloev

pp. 166


Galina Ivanovna Pelikh

pp. 167-169

Regina Alexandrovna Ksenofontova

pp. 170-173