Number 3, 2001

Theory: from the unpublished

Lev Pavlovich Lashuk

pp. 3-6

An ethnogenetic nexus in its modem interpretation

pp. 7-20

Continuity and change in the historical development of Ethnos

pp. 20-29

List of major works of L.P. Lashuk

pp. 30-31

Ethnos and culture

Abduction of shaman spirits

pp. 32-41

Poshekhonye city: the present day of the provinces of Russia

pp. 42-60

Ethnos, society, State

Self-determination of peoples: an analysis.of ideological and political approaches

pp. 61-73

On self-determination of peoples (marginalia to I.M. Sampiyev’s article «Self-determination of peoples: an analysis of ideological and political approaches»))

pp. 74-76

Sharia courts and legal pluralism in Soviet Daghestan

pp. 77-91

History of science

Russian ethnographic Siberian studies of the 20th century

pp. 92-101

«А radical turn» in our domestic ethnography (discussion on the object of ethnological science: late 1920’s – early 1930’s)

pp. 101-121

In memory of T.A. Kryukova

pp. 121-122

Scholarly life

Seminar «Prospects of ethnographic studies in Islam of Central Asia and adjoining areas»

pp. 123-124

Immediate ethnographic tasks to study Islam in Turkestan

pp. 124-128

Islam and the cult of saints in Central Asia

pp. 128-131

Experience of Islamic field studies in the North-West Caucasus

pp. 132-135


pp. 135-137


А.Е. Иванов. Студенчество России конца XIX – начала XX века: социально-историческая судьба. М., 1999 (A.E. Ivanov. Late 19th – early 20th students of Russia: social-historical destinies. Moscow, 1999)

pp. 138-139

Р.Х. Керейтов. Этническая история ногайцев (к проблеме этногенетических связей ногайцев). Ставрополь, 1999 (R.Kh. Кеrejtov. Ethnic history of the Nogai people (on the problem of ethnogenetic ties of the Nogai people). Stavropol, 1999)

pp. 139-141

М.Ф. Куракеева. Верхнекубанские казаки: быт, культура, традиции. Черкесск, 1999 (M.F. Kurakeyeva. The Upper-Don Cossacks: daily life, culture, traditions. Cherkessk, 1999)

pp. 141-144

Л.И. Никонова. Традиционная медицина финно-угорских народов Поволжья и Приуралья как часть системы жизнеобеспечения. Саранск, 2001 (L.I. Nikоnоva. Traditional medicine of the Finno-Ugrian peoples of the Volga-river and Ural areas as a component of the subsistence system. Saransk, 2000)

pp. 144-146

У Хла Тейн Тху. Будда-мьянманец. Янгон, 1997 (U Кhlа Теin Тkhu. Budda of Myanman (in Burmese). Yangon, 1997)

pp. 146-149

Our jubilees

G.P. Vasilyeva

pp. 150

I.M. Zolotaryeva

pp. 151-153


B.Kh. Karmysheva

pp. 154-158