Number 3, 2000

Theory and Methodology

The roots and the crown (mysticism and metaphysics in indigenous peoples status construction)

pp. 3-8

Putting Hierarchy in Its Place

pp. 8-13

Ethnos and Culture

Materials on the modern culture and socioeconomic status of the Northern group of the Uilla

pp. 14-30

Children of Kalmykia: works and games

pp. 30-45

Ethnos, Society and the State

National-culture autonomies in the context of legislation perfection

pp. 46-59

Kazakh diaspora in Russia: ethnic identity and migratory behavior

pp. 60-73


Aboriginals of Alaska, Russian traders and the Russian-American Company: system of economic relations

pp. 74-88

On the «colonial politarism», Latin American «feudalism» and some aspects of the attitude to natives in Russian America

pp. 89-108

55th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Man in the war (Sources for studying the front-line soldiers’ mentality of the years of the Great Patriotic war, 1941-1945)

pp. 109-121

History of Science

M.O. Kosven – explorer of the Caucasus

pp. 122-134

Common law in the scientific heritage of the early historical school of law in Germany

pp. 135-149


Museums of Japan

pp. 150-153


Из истории исследований Восточной Сибири. Размышления над одной книгой (From the History of Research on East Siberia. Reflections upon One Book)

pp. 154-158

Б.А. Калоев. Осетинские историко-этнографические этюды. М., 1999 (B.A. Kaloev. Ossetian Historical and Ethnographic Studies. Moscow. 1999

pp. 158-162

Е.Э. Хабунова. Калмыцкая свадебная обрядовая поэзия. Исследования и материалы. Элиста, 1998 (Е.Е. Khabunova. Kalmyk Wedding Rites Poetry. Studies and Materials. Elista, 1998)

pp. 162-164

Л. Тойдыбекова. Марийская языческая вера и этническое самосознание. Йоенсуу, 1997 (L. Т Tojdybekova. Mari Heathen Faith and Ethnic Identity. Joensuu, 1997)

pp. 164-166

Th. Saar. Kihnu raamat. Eesti Teaduste Akadeemia Emakeele Seltsi toimetised. No 68. Tallinn, 1998

pp. 166-169

Очерки по культурной антроплогии американского города. М., 1997 (Essays on the cultural anthropology of the American city. Moscow, 1997)

pp. 169-172

В.М. Мисюгин. Становление цивилизации. О вещах и представлениях. СПб., 1998 (V.M. Мisуugin. Civilization’s coming into being. On things and ideas. St. Petersburg, 1998)

pp. 172-173


List of N.R. Guseva’s major works

pp. 174