Number 2, 2000

Theory and methodology

It’s Time to Look for a Common Language (the problem of integrating different ethnic theories and concepts)

pp. 3-18

Ethnographic Imagination in Sociological Research

pp. 18-27

How to Make Gender Speak?

pp. 27-42


The Historical Phenomenon of Diaspora

pp. 43-63

Ethnos, Nation, Diaspora

pp. 64-74

Diaspora: It’s a Process

pp. 74-78

Ethnos and Culture

Mythological Roots of Touvinian Shaman

pp. 80-86

19th Century Russian Peasants’ Attitude to Wealth and Enterprise in the light of religious and moral notions and social practice

pp. 86-99

From the History of Georgian Hagiography. «Martyrdom of the Glorious Sufferer Queen Ketevan who was tortured to death in Shiraze city by the Unfaithful King of Persia Shah-Abbas»

pp. 100-115

Attitude of Estonians to Mushrooms

pp. 115-127

Turning Back to A.S. Pushkin

Along the Road of Myths (A.S. Pushkin and Russian Folk Tales)

pp. 128-140

Songs and Romances on the Words of A.S. Pushkin’s Poems in Cheap Popular Prints

pp. 140-147

Physical (Biological) Anthropology

Brief Outcomes of Anthropological Research on Central Asia

pp. 148-155

Scientific Life

Maklayev’s Readings, 1998-1999

pp. 156-160

Fourth Siberian Readings «Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Siberia and the North»”

pp. 160-162

III International Symposium «Ethnicity and Ethnic Mentality in Circumbaltic Area»

pp. 162-164

Reviews and Surveys

Белорусы / Отв. ред. В.К. Бондарчик, Р.А. Григорьева, М.Ф. Пилипенко. Серия “Народы и культуры”. М., 1998 (Byelorussians / Chief Ed. V.K. Bondarchik, R.A. Grigorieva, M.F. Pilipenko. «Peoples and Cultures» series. Moscow, 1998)

pp. 165-168

Яков Яковлевич Рогинский: человек и ученый. М., 1997 (Yakov Yakovlevich Roginsky — a Man and a Scholar. Moscow, 1997)

pp. 169-172


M.S. Mukanov

pp. 173-174