Number 4, 2000

Theory and Methodology

Ethnonational reflexion versus the object of ethnology (on the notions and terminology of science)

pp. 3-21

Ethnos and Culture

Caucasian women: ideological prerequisites of social status

pp. 22-32

Main altar consecrations in the North-East of Moscow region (14th – early 20th centuries)

pp. 32-45

On the interpretation of some mysterious names od Arctic coast peoples of Chukotka

pp. 45-59

Musical instruments in the Kalmyk culture

pp. 59-67

One of the irrigation feastivals of the Shugnans of the Shakhdara river (West Pamirs)

pp. 68-73

New means for the reconstruction of funeral foods found in the ceramic vessels from Bronze and Early Iron age kurgans

pp. 73-81

Ethnos, Society, State

Census of population: who are to be counted and how?

pp. 82-90

Russian Federation Census of 2002: Wittgensteinian language games

pp. 91-95

Nomad populations: sources and methods of their counting

pp. 95-101

State policy and its influence on the ethnic processes in South Siberia in the first half of the 19th century

pp. 102-108

Kalmyks in the U.S.A.: kaleidoscope of identities

pp. 108-118

History of Science

From the diary of a student of Caucasus. I. At the beginning of the road

pp. 119-139

Scholarly Life

Fourth conference of the Tungus-Manchuria studies

pp. 140-141

All-Russia conference «Ecology of ancient and modern societies»

pp. 142-145


В движении добровольном и вынужденном. Постсоветские миграции в Евразии. М., 2000 (In voluntary and forced movement. Post-Soviet migrations in Eurasia. Moscow, 1999)

pp. 146-151

Полиэтническое общество и конфликт. Тбилиси, 1998 (Polyethnic society and conflict. Tbilisi, 1998)

pp. 151-154

В.П. Кривоногов. Этнические процессы у малочисленных народов Средней Сибири. Красноярск, 1998 (V.P. К ri vonogov. Ethnic processes among the not numerous peoples of Middle Siberia. Krasnoyarsk, 1998)

pp. 154-157

О.Р. Хромов. РУсская цельногравированная лубочная книга (Исследование по истории книжной культуры и технике производства). М., 1998 (O.R. Кhгоmоv. Russian all-engraved cheap popular books (A study in the history of the Russian book culture and production techniques). Moscow, 1998)

pp. 157-159

Фольклор удэгейцев. Ниманку, тэлунгу, ехэ. Сер. “Памятники фольклора народов Сибири и Дальнего Востока”. Т. 18. Новосибирск, 1998 (Folklore genres of the Udege people: nimanku, telungu, ekhe. «Folklore monuments of the people of Siberia and the Far East» series. V. 18. Novosibirsk, 1998)

pp. 159-163

М.В. Золотухина. Мир американской семьи. М., 2000 (M.V. Zolotukhina. World of american family. Moscow, 1999)

pp. 164-166

Е.С. Сенявская. Психология войны в XX в.: исторический опыт России. М., 2000 (E.S. S enyavskaya. Psychology of war of the 20thcentury: historical experience of Russia. Moscow, 1999)

pp. 166-168

Inkerinsuomalaiset kunnassa. Yyväskylä, 1997 (Inkermanland Finns in municipal commun- itties. Yyvaskyla, 1997)

pp. 168-173


List of major works of Z.D. Titova

pp. 174-175