Number 2, 2015

Special Theme of the Issue

Lokal'nye traditsii i kul'tury: sovremennye issledovaniia [Local Traditions and Cultures: Recent Research]

(guest editor I.A. Morozov)

Local Traditions and Cultures: Recent Research

[Lokal’nye traditsii i kul’tury: sovremennye issledovaniia]

pp. 3-4

Local Traditions and Changing Identities

[Lokal’nye traditsii i meniaiushchiesia identichnosti]

pp. 5-14

A Typology of Intercultural Interference

[Tipologiia mezhkul’turnoi interferentsii]

pp. 14-26

Individual and Personality Factors in the Shaping and Transformation of Local Cultures and Traditions

[Individual’no-lichnostnye factory formirovaniia i transformatsii lokal’nykh kul’tur i traditsii]

pp. 26-36

The Problems of Describing Local Traditions and Possible Methods for Studying Them (Drawn on the Case of a Ukrainian Enclave in the Saratov Region)

[Problemy opisaniia lokal’nykh traditsii i vozmozhnye metody ikh izucheniia (na primere ukrainskogo anklava Saratovskoi obl.)]

pp. 37-47

Russian “Islands” in the Russian Environment: Models of Local Traditions of Perm Prikamye

[Russkie “ostrova” v russkom okruzhenii: modeli lokal’nykh traditsii permskogo Prikam’ia]

pp. 48-59

Insular Slavic Areas in Austria and Romania

[Slavianskie ostrovnye arealy v Avstrii i Rumynii]

pp. 59-69

The Notions of the Cossack and Cossack Traditions in the Cultural and Religious Life of the Dukhobor Sect

[Predstavleniia o kazakakh i kazach’i traditsii v kul’turno-religioznoi zhizni dukhobortsev]

pp. 70-82

Contemporary Methods of Bioanthropological Research

Craniofacial Proportions in Anthropological Reconstruction

[Kraniofatsial’nye proportsii v antropologicheskoi rekonstruktsii]

pp. 83-98

Digit Ratio as an Indicator of Prenatal Androgenization and Its Relation to Morphological and Behavioral Traits in Humans

[Pal’tsevoi indeks kak indicator prenatal’noi androgenizatsii i ego sviaz’ s morfologicheskimi i povedencheskimi kharakteristikami u cheloveka]

pp. 99-116

Research on the Mausoleum of Berdykozha Batyr: Archaeology, Anthropology, Genetics

[Issledovaniia mavzoleia Berdykozha-Batyra: arkheologiia, antropologiia, genetika]

pp. 117-136

Turkic Studies in Ethnography

Tradition in Contemporary Forms of Self-Organization among the Kazakh of Russia

[Traditsiia v sovremennykh formakh samoorganizatsii rossiiskikh kazakhov]

pp. 137-154

Organization of Domestic Space in the Tatar Urban Culture in the Second Half of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries

[Organizatsiia domashnego prostranstva v tatarskoi gorodskoi kul’ture vo vtoroi polovine XIX – nachale XX veka]

pp. 155-168

Articles and Materials

Non-Czech Bohemians as Theoreticians of Ethnicity and Nationalism

[ Necheshskie bogemtsy kak teoretiki etnichnosti i natsionalizma]

pp. 169-190


Review of Gortsy posle gor. Migratsionnye protsessy v Dagestane v XX – nachale XXI vv.: ikh sotsial’nye i etnokul’turnye posledstviia i perspektivy [Highlanders beyond the Highlands. Migration Processes in Dagestan in the 20th – Early 21st Centuries: Their Social and Ethnocultural Outcomes and Prospects], by Y.Y. Karpov, E.L. Kapustina. St. Petersburg, 2011

pp. 191-193

Review of Re-visioning Europe: Frontiers, Place Identities and Journeys in Debatable Lands, by U. Kockel. Houndmills, New York, 2010

pp. 194-196

Review of Początki polskiej etnologii i antropologii kulturowej (od końca XVIII wieku do roku 1918), by Z. Jasiewicz. Poznań, 2011

pp. 196-198

Review of Fourrures et forêts métissèrent les Montagnais. Regard sur les sang-mêlés au Royaume du Saguenay, par N.-M. Dawson. Québec, 2011

pp. 199-202

Review of Pamirskie ekspeditsii grafa A.A. Bobrinskogo 1895-1901 godov. Etnograficheskii al’bom [1895-1901 Pamir Expeditions of Count A.A. Bobrinskii: An Ethnographic Album], by D.N. Khudonazarov. Moscow, 2013

pp. 202-204