Number 2, 2017

Special Theme of the Issue

Multiculturalism in the Baltic States: Possibilities and Limitations

(guest editor V.V. Volkov)

Ethnic Minorities of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in Academic Research

[Etnicheskie men’shinstva Estonii, Latvii i Litvy v nauchnykh issledovaniiakh]

pp. 5-8

The Political Participation of the Russian-Speaking Population in Estonia and Latvia and Its Specificities

[Osobennosti politicheskogo uchastiia russkoiazychnogo naseleniia Estonii i Latvii]

pp. 9-23

Ethnic Minorities in the Political Discourse of Latvia

[Etnicheskie men’shinstva v latviiskom politicheskom diskurse]

pp. 24-38

Integration of Ethnic Minorities in the Context of Ethnic Policies in Lithuania (2010-2015)

[Integratsiia etnicheskikh men’shinstv v kontekste sovremennoi etnopolitiki Litvy (2010-2015 gg.)]

pp. 39-53

Post-Soviet Hangover: Defense of Pluralism of Identities in the Baltic Countries

[Postsovetskoe pokhmel’e: zashchita pliuralizma identichnostei v stranakh Baltii]

pp. 54-63

Historical and Ethnographic Studies of Americas

Social Organization of Native American Societies to the East of the Andes in Descriptions by Conquistadors and Missionaries (16th-18th Centuries)

[Sotsial’naia organizatsiia indeiskikh obshchestv k vostoku ot And v opisaniiakh konkistadorov i missionerov (XVI-XVIII vv.)]

pp. 64-80

Española’s Natives in the Account of Repartimiento of 1514-1515

[Aborigeny Espan’oly v otchete o razdelenii 1514-1515 gg.]

pp. 81-92

Pre-Hispanic Political Organization of the Northern Yucatan Maya in the Views of the Late 16th Century European Colonists

[Doispanskaia politicheskaia organizatsiia maiia severnogo Yukatana v predstavlenii evropeiskikh kolonistov 2-i pol. XVI v.]

pp. 93-105

Peasant Studies in Northern Russia

The Ornitomorphic Image of the North-Russian Hut: A Semantic Reconstruction Drawn on the Materials of Slavic Culture

[Ornitomorfnyi obraz severorusskoi izby: semanticheskaia rekonstruktsiia na materiale slavianskoi kul’tury]

pp. 106-121

A Loaf for One Day, Hunger for Two: Peasant Food in the Times of Famine (A Study of the North-Russian Dialect Vocabulary)

[Den’ s kolobom, da dva s golodom: krest’ianskaia pishcha vo vremena goloda (na materiale severnorusskoi dialektnoi leksiki)]

pp. 122-136

Research Articles

Nomadic Schools: Limitations or Opportunities?

[Kochevye shkoly: ogranicheniia ili vozmozhnosti?]

pp. 137-153

Stefano Sommier: Travels of an Italian Naturalist through Siberia and Ural

[Stefano Somm’ie: puteshestviia ital’ianskogo naturalista po Sibiri i Uralu]

pp. 154-165

Vectors of Contemporary Ethnic, Social, and Cultural Development of the Xinjiang Uyghur

[Vektory sovremennogo etnosotsial’nogo i etnokul’turnogo razvitiia uigur Sin’tzian-Uigurskogo avtonomnogo raiona]

pp. 166-177


An Anthropology of the Archaeologist: An Interview with L.S. Klejn

[Antropologiia arkheologa: interv’iu s L.S. Klejnom]

pp. 178-186


Review of One with the Music: Cape Breton Step Dance Tradition and Transmission, by M. Melin. Sydney, 2015

pp. 187-188

In Memoriam

Elena Nikolaevna Uspenskaya (14.09.1957-8.11.2015)

pp. 189-191