Number 5, 2017

Special Theme of the Issue

Toward S.M. Shirokogoroff's 130th Anniversary

(guest editors A.A. Sirina, V.N. Davydov)

The Little-Known Heritage of S.M. Shirokogoroff: An Introduction

[O maloizvestnom nasledii S.M. Shirokogorova: vvedenie]

pp. 5-8

“The Selling Lady Cried… When the Purchase Was Carried Away”: Ethnographic Collections of S.M. and E.N. Shirokogoroff

[“Prodavavshaia ledi plakala… kogda pokupku unosili”: etnograficheskie kollektsii S.M. i E.N. Shirokogorovykh]

pp. 9-31

Observing the Observers: On Visual Techniques of Theoretical Thinking of Sergei and Elizabeth Shirokogoroff

[Nabliudaia za nabliudateliami: o vizual’nykh tekhnikakh teoretizirovaniia Sergeia i Elizavety Shirokogorofykh]

pp. 32-52

Unclaimed Research on the Tungus Shamanism

[Nevostrebovannoe issledovanie tungusskogo shamanstva]

pp. 53-66

Special Theme: The Invention of Ethnos: A Little-Known History of a Well-Known Theory

(guest editor S.S. Alymov)

Ukrainian Roots of the Theory of Ethnos

[Ukrainskie korni teorii etnosa]

pp. 67-84

Ethnos on the Map: Geographical Imagination of the School of Fedor Volkov

[Etnos na karte: geograficheskoe voobrazhenie shkoly F.K. Volkova]

pp. 85-103

Notes from His “Snail’s Shell”: The Zabaikal’ Fieldwork of S.M. Shirokogoroff and the Ground-Work for “Etnos-Thinking”

[Zapiski “ushedshei v sebia ulitki”: zabaikal’skie ekspeditsii S.M. Shirokogorova i formirovanie osnov “etnos-myshleniia”]

pp. 104-122

Anthropologist or Politician? Political Bias and Theoretical Constructions of Sergei M. Shirokogoroff

[Antropolog ili politik? Politicheskie pristrastiia i teoreticheskie postroeniia Sergeia Shirokogorova]

pp. 123-141

Research Articles

The Burial and Funeral Rituals of the Daur of China

[Pogrebal’no-pominal’naia obriadnost’ daurov Kitaia]

pp. 142-158

The Chinese of the South Ussuri Region According to the V.N. Vislenev Census (1879)

[Kitaitsy Yuzhno-Ussuriiskogo kraia po perepisi V.N. Visleneva (1879 g.)]

pp. 159-177

On the Issue of Semantics of Color and Material in T.A. Kryukova’s Article on “P.S. Pallas’s Collection on the Peoples of Povolzhie”

[K probleme semantiki tsveta i materiala v stat’ie T.A. Kryukovoi “Kollektsiia P.S. Pallasa po narodam Povolzh’ia”]

pp. 178-187


Review of Osetinskaia etnograficheskaia entsiklopediia [An Ethnographic Encyclopedia of Ossetia], edited by L.A. Chibirov

pp. 188-190

Review of Kukulcan’s Realm: Urban Life at Ancient Mayapán, by M.A. Masson and C. Peraza Lope

pp. 190-193

Review of Smysl sushchestvovaniia cheloveka [The Meaning of Human Existence], by E. Wilson, translated by O. Sivchenko

pp. 193-195

Review of Bashkiry [The Bashkirs], edited by R.G. Kureev and E.S. Danilko

pp. 196-197

In memoriam

Roza Shotaevna Dzharylgasinova (1931-2017)

pp. 198-199