Number 3, 2020

Special Theme of the Issue

Ethnic and Social Tensions: Online Studies

(guest editor D.V. Gromov)

Web 2.0 Wars: The Virtual Reality of Conflict

[Voiny v formate Web 2.0: virtual’naia real’nost’ konflikta]

pp. 5-9

Migrant-Related Conflicts on

[Konflikty, sviazannye s migrantami, na]

pp. 10-23

Roskomnadzor-chan and Other Beings: Performative Practices and Folklore Reaction to the Telegram Lockout

[Roskomnadzor-tian i drugie: performativnye praktiki fol’klornoi reaktsii na blokirovki Telegram]

pp. 24-37

Whoʼs Afraid of “Kerch Shooter”?: аctivation of Social Phobias through Rumors and Quasi-Expert Statements

[Kto boitsia “kerchenskogo strelka”?: аktivizatsiia sotsial’nykh fobii cherez slukhi i kvaziekspertnye vyskazyvaniia]

pp. 38-53

Diasporas and Migrant Communities

An Experience from Studying Kyrgyz Migration in Post-Soviet Russia: Strategies, Practices, Forms of Capital

[Opyt izucheniia kyrgyzskoi migratsii v postsovetskoi Rossii: strategii, praktiki, formy kapitala]

pp. 54-70

The Armenian Community of the Don in the Late 18th – Early 21st Centuries: From a Self-Governing Colony to a Multi-Component Ethnic and Cultural Minority

[Armianskaia obshchina Dona v kontse XVIII – nachale XXI v.: ot samoupravliaemoi kolonii k etnokul’turnomu men’shinstvu]

pp. 71-88

The Continental and the Sakhalin Koreans: Differences and Similarities

“Materikovskie” i sakhalinskie koreitsy: razlichiia i skhodstva]

pp. 89–104

Politics and Social Circles of North Caucasians in France in the 1920s and 1930s

[Politika i krugi obshcheniia severokavkaztsev vo Frantsii v 1920–1930-e gody]

pp. 105–120

Research Articles

The Professional and the Personal: An Experience of Fieldwork in Chukotka with the Entire Family

[Professional’noe i lichnoe: opyt polevoi raboty na Chukotke vsei sem’ei]

pp. 121–140

The Cult of Abu Muslim and His Companions in Central Asia: Variants of Mythologization

[Kul’t Abu Muslima i ego spodvizhnikov v Tsentral’noi Azii: varianty mifologizatsii]

pp. 141–160

The Culture of Loss and Tragic Masculinity in Post-Soviet Georgia

[Kul’tura utraty i tragicheskaia maskulinnost’ v postsovetskoi Gruzii]

pp. 161–176

Review Articles

You Can Never Have Enough of a Good Person?: Aggression and Its Correlation to Body Size

[Khoroshego cheloveka dolzhno byt’ mnogo?”: agressiia i ee sviaz’ s razmerami tela]

pp. 177–190

Book Reviews

Review of Life Histories of Etnos Theory in Russia and Beyond, edited by D.G. Anderson, D.V. Arzyutov, and S.S. Alymov

pp. 191–194

Review of What We Know About Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Foundations of Xenology, by M. Ashkenazi

pp. 195–198

Review of Subkul’tura: Istoriia soprotivleniia rossiiskoi molodiozhi 1815–2018 [Subculture: A History of Resistance of the Russian Youth, 1815–2018], by A.K. Troitskii

pp. 198–202