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"Places of Power", "Spirits of Dolmens" and "Pristine Knowledge": Archeological Monuments and the New Age Movement "Anastasia"

Type of publication: Research Article

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megaliths, new religious movement, pilgrimage, places of power, alternative archaeology


The article discusses the popular objects of worship in the Russian New Age milieu – the dolmens of the Krasnodar Region. They became widely known after the books of Vladimir Megre about the young woman Anastasia were published. She told the author about the secrets of dolmens construction, and their beneficial effect on humans. The megaliths appear to be the place where the archaeologists, esoterics, local people and tourists face each other. The use of archaeological monuments by different groups for their own benefit is a phenomenon typical of many countries.


Andreeva, J.O. 2014. “Places of Power”, “Spirits of Dolmens” and “Pristine Knowledge”: Archeological Monuments and the New Age Movement “Anastasia”. Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 5: 73-87

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